torsdag den 19. marts 2009

10 krimi-helte jeg gerne ville møde

Lidt underholdning, mens vi venter på Gæt-en-bog-anmeldelsen (har I set Nilles små, diskrete hentydninger?). Jeg fik ideen fra Cathys blog, men da jeg lynhurtigt sad med en liste på femten navne, besluttede jeg mig for at begynde med 10 engelske personer. Jeg lover at komme med en liste over ti skandinaver inden længe.

1) P.D. James´ Detective Inspector Adam Dalglish - jeg ville rigtig gerne have en middagsinvitation til hans lejlighed i London for at se hans lille private skjulested, og for at nyde hans skønne accent (eller forveksler jeg ham nu med Roy Marsden?)
2) Colin Dexters udødelige Inspector Morse - jeg ville bede ham om at vise mig rundt i Oxford med alle de smukke spir, og så ville vi nok afslutte en dejlig dag med en øl på hans yndlingspub. (Måske skulle vi også invitere Lewis, så han kunne betale).
3) Ian Rankin, Inspector Rebus - jeg har været i Skotland, men slet ikke set nok af Edinburgh, og Rebus har vel ikke andet at lave nu end at vise mig byens seværdigheder, bl.a. den spændende kirkegård ´Acropolis´ (og uanset hvad andre mener, så ser Rebus altså ud som John Hannah).
4) Sue Graftons privatdetektiv, Kinsey Millhone - det kunne være sjovt at se hendes minimalistiske lejlighed, men måske er det bedre at jeg inviterer hende ud at spise, før hun foreslår Rosies spisested.
5) Ruth Rendell, Chief Inspector Reg Wexford - hvis Dora skulle finde på at invitere på ´English breakfast´, vil jeg glæde hele min familie ved at tage dem med.
6) Caroline Graham, Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby og hans søde kone - men måske er det for stor en risiko at tage både at besøge Midsomer og udsætte sig for et måltid tilberedt af Joyce. Vi må hellere invitere dem til vores sommerhus til en middag lavet af min mand.
7) Andrew Taylors journalist Jill Francis - hun har nok en masse spændende sladder om høj og lav i Lydmouth, en by jeg altid gerne har villet se.
8) Martin Edward´s Oxford-historiker, Daniel Kind - en rundtur til nogle af de smukke steder i Lake District med Daniel som min guide må være en stor fornøjelse. Bagefter tager vi nok en pint på en lokal pub efter Daniels valg.
9) Stephen Booth, Ben Cooper - Ben kunne køre mig rundt i Peak District nationalparken i en kæmpestor firehjulstrækker, og så ville vi runde dagen af med lammesteg.
10) Ann Cleeves, Vera Stanhope - måske vil det ikke blive en udelt fornøjelse, men nysgerrig er man vel.

10 Crime Fiction Characters I´d Love to Meet
Here is a post for you while we are waiting for the Bait-in-the-Box review (did you see Nille´s very helpful clues, by the way?). I got the idea on Cathy´s blog, but when I had jotted down 15 names or so, I decided to begin with ten British & American characters, and I promise to write a new list with ten Scandinavians soon.

1) P.D. James´ Detective Inspector Adam Dalglish - I would enjoy being invited for dinner in his London flat - to see his ´hiding place´ and to enjoy his wonderful accent (or am I mixing him up with Roy Marsden?)
2) Colin Dexter´s immortal Inspector Morse - I would ask him to show me around in Oxford with all its wonderful buildings, and I think we would round off a wonderful day by having a pint in his favourite pub. (We might invite Lewis also, to pay for our drinks)
3) Ian Rankin, Inspector Rebus - I have been to Scotland, but not seen enough of Edinburgh, and he should have plenty of time now to show me the haunts of the city, including the Acropolis (and no matter which actor other people prefer, in my eyes Rebus looks like John Hannah)
4) Sue Grafton´s private eye, Kinsey Millhone - I should like to see her minimalistic home, but perhaps I´d better invite her for a meal before she suggests Rosie´s tavern.
5) Ruth Rendell, Chief Inspector Reg Wexford - if Dora should invite us for English breakfast, I would make my whole family happy by bringing them along.
6) Caroline Graham, Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby & his dear wife - but perhaps it would be too risky to visit Midsomer AND have a meal cooked by Joyce. We could invite them both to our cottage for a meal cooked by my husband.
7) Andrew Taylor´s journalist Jill Francis - I am sure she could tell me lots of interesting gossip about the good people of Lydmouth, a town I have always wanted to see.
8) Martin Edward´s historian, Daniel Kind - a tour of some of the sights of Lake District with Daniel as my guide should be a real pleasure. Afterwards we would have a meal and a pint in a local pub of Daniel´s choice.
9) Stephen Booth, Ben Cooper - Ben could drive me around the Peak District National Park in a huge four-wheeler, and I think we would try a nice bite of roast lamb for dinner.
10) Ann Cleeves, Vera Stanhope - actually I am not at all certain this will be a pleasure, but then I am a curious daredevil.

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Cathy sagde ...

What a wonderful list--I'm so glad you posted it, and I'm looking forward to your Scandinavian list as well. I agree with you about Joyce Barnaby; I don't think I'd let her cook for me either!

Dorte H sagde ...

As you can see, Cathy, I had so much fun that I had to make a second list :)

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

Rankin's detective Rebus inhabits Edinburgh but I am sure he would find time to show an attractive Danish lady Glasgow as well.
What a great post and idea.

Dorte H sagde ...

Asch, as they say in Norway - what an embarrassing blunder. I have corrected it, and please don´t tell anyone :O

betteskov sagde ...

If I ever made such a list, my number one would certainly be the same! I would also like to meet PD James female detective, Cordelia something? And Kate Miskin... Pretty much every character from her books (even some of the murderers, the nurse from "Shroud for a nightingale" springs to mind) - they all seem so real and interesting.
I am looking forward to your Scandinavian list. Are you brave enough for Lisbeth Salander? If not, I am also tiny but tough, own a pepperspray and could be your bodyguard. Blomqvist must be out of the picture, since you are a happily married woman ;-) Eating cinnamon bread with Erica and Patrick would be sooooo lovely... (am getting carried away here)

betteskov sagde ...

By the way, I am feeling a bit hungry after reading this post...

Dorte H sagde ...

Jane, I thought about Cordelia Gray, but decided against it as I had one PD James character already. And I really appreciate your offer of being my bodyguard. You and I and your pepperspray will be a great team against the dangerous world out there (I am 159 cm, what about you?)
NB: with a husband like mine nobody would want Blomkvist :D

Peter Rozovsky sagde ...

I can give you a head start on that next list. I think Jo Nesbø's Harry Hole would be entertaining company if he didn't fall too far off the wagon.
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

Peter Rozovsky sagde ...

Janwillem van de Wetering's Grijpstra, De Gier and the commisaris as well, if one was in a suitably contemplative mood.
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

Iliana sagde ...

Oh I love your list. I've "met" some of these detectives a couple of times. Actually, I just finished reading an Inspector Rebus novel and he is great isn't he. Although I'm getting concerned over all the drinking he's doing ;)

Looking forward to the Scandinavian list!

Dorte H sagde ...

I agree Rebus´ drinking is worrying, and Morse´s and many other great detectives.

Peter, I have two reviews lined up for Friday & Saturday, but I promise I´ll return to the Scandinavians soon.

Unknown sagde ...

Hi Dorte. I've given you an award! come and pick it up.

Anonym sagde ...

I liked Martin Shaw as Dalgliesh better. Would have dinner with him anytime.

Forget Rebus, and go straight for Ian Rankin himself. VERY nice.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you so much, Lilly!

Ann: okay, you just take Martin Shaw then (I don´t know what I am missing, anyway ;)). But for Ian Rankin himself, that is not such a stupid idea :D

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

A dinner party with Annika Bengtzon, Erica Falck, Irene Huss and Miss Marple.:o)

Dorte H sagde ...

- and Nero Wolfe in the kitchen?
Trust me, I´ll be there, Norman
(to keep an eye on you) :D

Martin Edwards sagde ...

Hi Dorte. Daniel Kind looks forward to it too! His choice of pub is The Tickled Trout (a fictional equivalent of a real life pub, The Drunken Duck) which features in his next adventure....

Louise sagde ...

Oh I find Joyce Barnaby so very annoying, but then again I only know her from the tv-series and not the books, which I've never read. But I wouldn't mind meeting Barnaby himself. Excellent post, Dorte

Dorte H sagde ...

Martin, I am really thrilled to hear that :D
(And as the pub is fictional, I won´t have to wait and fit it in on our way to Scotland this summmer, am I? Not sure I can wait so long)

Louise, I have only read two of the books so it is TV Joyce I think of really. I didn´t mean I thought she was dear, but Barnaby does, and I like to see a couple who are fond of each other for a change. Feel free to copy the idea, if you want to. Cathy would just like seeing it spread around.