lørdag den 7. marts 2009

Odd Man Out # 2

For this little post I found inspiration on Martin Edwards´blog.

1) who is the odd man out? - in which role?
2) And who is the best man for the role? - why?

The solution:
As Norman´s comment below shows you and me, there are (at least) two solutions:
A. Kenneth Branagh (lower right corner) is not Swedish.
B. Henning Mankell (upper left corner) is the writer of the Wallander series, the other three are actors who play Kurt Wallander. The Swedish actors are Rolf Lassgård (upper right corner and in my opinion the perfect fit), and Krister Henriksson (lower left corner).

1) hvilket billede passer ikke ind? - i hvilken rolle?
2) hvem er efter din mening den bedste skuespiller i rollen? - hvorfor?

Som Normans kommentar herunder har vist, er der (mindst) to løsninger:
A. Kenneth Branagh (nederst til højre) er britisk, ikke svensk.
B. Henning Mankell (øverst til venstre) er forfatter til Wallander-serien, de tre andre er skuespillere, som har spillet Kurt Walander. De to svenske skuespillere er Rolf Lassgård (øverst til højre, og efter min mening den ´rigtige´ Wallander). Den anden er Krister Henriksson (nederst til venstre).

7 kommentarer:

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

The only non Swede??????

Dorte H sagde ...

That is certainly one possible answer, Norman :D

Anonym sagde ...

Mankell är inte en Wallander. Vad jag vet, i alla fall.

Dorte H sagde ...

Great answer, Ann ;)
I will translate it for the benefit of people who have not read Mankell´s books and who might not have guessed what you mean: (Henning) Mankell is not a (Kurt) Wallander. As far as I know.

Anonym sagde ...

After seeing Lassgård as Wallander, it took me a long time to even work out that Krister Henriksson was Wallander when I switched series. I like him less, but that could be because he came second. I think Branagh is fine, too. Mankell might make the best Wallander, though.

Dorte H sagde ...

I agree 100 %
No, it is not only because Henriksson came second. I think he behaves like a democratic manager who is good at delegating work. And that is not really Wallander, is it?

MB sagde ...

Form Italy:
the best man for the role is Krister Henriksson.
He's swedish and he is a great actor!!!