torsdag den 26. marts 2009

My "Andersen" Suitcase

As my visitors seem almost as intrigued by our old suitcase as by my competition, I shall give you two new pictures to enjoy. It was a gift for our wedding anniversary a few years ago. I don´t know much about its past, but as the link can show you, my famous countryman, Hans Christian Andersen, owned one which was quite similar. I have no idea whether our case is as old as that, yet I really think it graces our living room.

3 kommentarer:

Julia Phillips Smith sagde ...

My great-grandfather's travelling trunk is our TV stand, and I love it.

care020 sagde ...

Just think of the stories that each scratch or stain represents! What a conversation piece!

Dorte H sagde ...

My sisters are not quite as interested in history as I am. They used the suitcase to hide a party song in. :)