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New review of Candied Crime
Jakobsen's Candied Crimes is compiled of 13 short tales of deception and murder and hilarity.
All things books April 8th 

Margot´s post about me & Candied Crime: 
Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen March 13th

Craig, Crime Watch
Currently reading: Candied Crime March 13th

Cathryn Grant reviews Candied Crime
Each story has a twist. Each one makes the reader smile at the quirky characters and their innocent and mostly not-so-innocent behavior. My favorites are Grammy, The Knitting Club, and A Nightly Burger. Although there’s also The Princess on the Pea, Trick or Treat … well, you get the idea.
Fatal Friday March 4th

A Presentation of Candied Crime
The Chapter One Blog Feb 27th

Swedish blogfriend, Bookwitch, about Candied Crime
Dorte has a small story collection available to buy online for those of you who are equipped with e-readers. That does not include me. I love the title, which is really witty: Candied Crime.

Possum Scriptum (Jane, a Danish blog friend)
Det ærgrer mig bare lidt med alle de ting, der også er af god kvalitet, men bare aldrig når frem til masserne. F.eks disse små, hurtigt læste krimihistorier, der kan købes for en latterligt lav pris og garanteret bibringe et smil. Flash fiction, måske en ny trend?
Mit liv som mainstream Feb 22nd

A Certain Book - review
A good fix or antidote I tell you, much like consuming a delicious plate of tiramisu (with extra cognac or brandy) ‘during a break’ or ‘after’ one of those roller coaster, sometimes-gory thrillers. Now, if I had to choose which was my favourite, that would be hard to do, but with a gun to my head, I’d probably go for A Nightly Burglar. It’s one of the shortest stories and garnered the most belly laughs from me. Some of the names in the stories are a delightful scream: Kickinbottom, Dr So Wat, Barbara Cartwheel, DCI Derek Gruesome, Jack the Hipper … I am new to this kind of fun story-telling so I am enthralled by it all. Candied Crime - DJ's Daim Stories vol. 1 has a nice dollop of wit, charm and humour. Thanks for the ride Dorte. I look forward to Volume 2.
Candied Crime Feb 14th

Mysteries in Paradise - review
I sincerely hope we see a lot more of Dorte Jakobsen's writing in publication in the near future. It is hard to write a review of this book as there is so much variety in the flash fiction stories, from vignettes which stir the imagination to longer pieces which introduce the residents of Knavesborough...
Humorous crime isn't usually my cup of tea but this is delightful reading, and I certainly want to read more of Dorte's writing. 
Candied Crime Feb 12th 

Thoughts in Progress - Author Interview
Author Dorte H. Jakobsen visits Feb 11th

Thoughts in Progress - review
CANDIED CRIME is a volume of 13 short stories that will have you saying, “ahh,” “hmmm,” and laughing out loud. I sat down to read one story and had finished half the book before I realized it.
Sunday Salon, Sharing Two Books Feb 6th

Scandinavian Crimefiction

Popular blogger Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen, whose new e-book of humorous flash fiction, Candied Crime, has just been released, is getting some local press coverage (in Danish). She may release a somewhat darker second volume – if we’re lucky. (Just don’t make the mistake of calling her Dørte. That’s for Clint Eastwood.)
Leopards and Seconds and Danes Feb 6th

Writer Martin Edwards about two e-book enterprises
First, Candied Crime, by Dorte H, a cosy/humorous collection. Many of you already know Dorte's work by way of her terrific blog, a blog in which a very pleasant personality always shines through.
Dorte H and Nigel Bird  Feb 5th

Blog Friend Cathryn Grant mentions my launch
Fatal Friday Feb 4th

José, Spanish blog friend
Candied Crime by Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen Feb 2nd

Blog friend Margot Kinberg about Candied Crime
I’d like to take a moment and congratulate Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen on the release of Candied Crime. It’s a delightful collection of mystery confection and I recommend it highly
I Don´t Want to Hear It. Feb 1st  

TV MidtVest (regional television news)
MidtVest rundt (second news item). Feb 7th

Thisted Dagblad (local newspaper)
Dorte skriver mini-krimier på engelsk.  Feb 3rd