lørdag den 7. marts 2009

Weekly Geeks # 9 - A Quote a Day.

This week´s task is to post a quotation every day for a week:

"You may want to come up with a theme, such as favorite passages from books, author quotes, political quotes, quotes about books or reading, humorous quotes, whatever. Or you may not want a theme at all; maybe you just want to gather up seven assorted quotes that appeal to you. You may want to start each of your posts of the week with a quote, or you may want to give quotes posts of their own in addition to your regular posts. It’s all up to you!"

Without having a clear plan in my mind for the whole week, I have decided to start out by giving you a short appetizer for tomorrow´s post:

"Dora´s m
anner, when she came down, was injured and distrait, but the chief inspector had been married for thirty years and had seldom permitted petticoat government."

Weekly Geeks # 9 - et citat om dagen ...

Ugens opgave går ud på at bringe et citat hver dag, enten som et selvstændigt indlæg, eller integreret i ugens øvrige indlæg. Jeg har ikke lagt nogen slagplan for hele ugen, men lægger ud med en appetitvækker til morgendagens indlæg:

"Doras væsen, da hun kom ned, var såret og fjernt, men kriminalinspektøren havde været gift i tredive år, og havde sjældent tilladt noget skørteregime."

6 kommentarer:

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

This seems a fun, and comparatively easy, task [ 7 quotes] and I will try this next week.
Even I know who Dora is. :O)

Rikki sagde ...

I suppose the chief inspector won't go easy on her, will he? Thanks for visiting me.

Dorte H sagde ...

Norman, my little riddles are certainly not worse than the ones you set :D
Glad you are taking up the quotation meme.

Rikki, you are welcome.
And you can both learn loads more about the relationship between Dora and her chief inspector tomorrow.

Sherrie sagde ...

Sounds intriguing! I'll be back!! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Amat Libris sagde ...

I'll have to read tomorrow's post!

Dorte H sagde ...

Glad you like my quotation. And I think (hope) that my posts about Reg Wexford may appeal to a broader public than my ordinary crime fiction reviews as they focus on the development of a literary character over time, rather than crime.