søndag den 8. marts 2009

Sunday´s Quotation

[Weekly Geeks # 9 - A Quote a Day - the photo has been borrowed from woodstock.com]

Again, I have chosen an appetizer for a future post about Reg Wexford, but this one may not appear until next weekend.

Inspector Mike Burden:
"But why here? Why do they have to come here? There must be thousands of places all over this country where they could go without doing anyone any harm. The Highlands for instance. Dartmoor. I don´t see why they have to come here."

Ruth Rendell, Some Lie and Some Die (1973).

Et Citat om Dagen: Søndag.
Jeg har igen valgt at bringe en smagsprøve på et fremtidigt indlæg om Reg Wexford (kommer sandsynligvis næste weekend).

Kriminalinspektør Mike Burden:
"Men hvorfor her? Hvorfor skal de absolut komme her til? Der må være tusindvis af steder over hele landet, hvor de kunne tage hen uden at skade nogen. Højlandet, for eksempel. Dartmoor. Jeg kan ikke se, hvorfor de absolut skal komme her. "

Ruth Rendell, Døden holder festival (1974).

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Reg / Steve sagde ...

Hej Dorte, Trying to pass on the award you gave me but don't know how. Any tips?

Dorte H sagde ...

Hi Reg.
You put up a post with the award + the text which accompanies it. Then you select 5 people you want to award (any blog or person you like or want to encourage), write their names and link to them, and finally you tell each of them in a comment. Was that enough, or perhaps too much information??
Just ask me again, because after two months´ blogging I am sooo experienced ;)

Beth F sagde ...

That one made me laugh! Good quote.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thanks, Beth.
It is a typical ´Burdenism´, I think.