søndag den 23. august 2009

Oh My Blog!

I had several plans for this weekend, blog-wise and crime-wise, but my mother came to visit me quite unexpectedly.
We have been talking, looking at holiday snapshots, drinking coffee, talking, looking at snapshots, drinking coffee etc. Wonderful, and as I know, some of you will enjoy a few pictures from Sweden even more than a long, rambling post from yours truly.

And finally: feel free to laugh - but the very trendy helmet did the trick - no brain injuries (as far as I recall).

5 kommentarer:

Unknown sagde ...

That's a gorgeous house! And I think that yep, helmets always do the trick :)

R/T sagde ...

Nice hat! Are those in fashion now in your neck of the woods? We in America have not seen that trend yet here.

Dorte H sagde ...

Lilly, Swedish houses are fabulous!

R.T. Just you wait. You know, when anything is trendy in Scandinavia, you´ll get it over there in 5-10 years´ time (or is it the other way round?) You must remember to post a snap when you get yours ;)

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Beautiful house!

My mother visited me over the weekend, too. I didn't get much done,but we had a nice time...

Mystery Writing is Murder

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth; I hope it comes across that I also enjoyed my mother´s visit very much. Perhaps a day off writing and working was a good thing even :D