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My Life According to Crime Fiction

Some memes you just cannot resist. I saw this one on Bernadette´s and Crimefictionreader´s blogs yesterday and today on Maxine´s. First I thought it would be difficult, but in fact it was far too easy. So easy that I could not help adding two or three answers to several of them. (Or perhaps I just read too much?)

The rules: try to use only books you have read in 2009.

My Life According to Books I´ve Read This Year:
Describe Yourself: Woman with Birthmark/The Schoolmistress of Villette

How do you feel: The Suspect/Blind to the Bones/Well-Schooled in Murder

Describe where you currently live: The Crow Trap/The Murder at the Vicarage

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Sorgenfri (the Danish title of Nesbo´s Nemesis: meaning carefree)/Busman´s Honeymoon.

Your favorite form of transport: Last Bus to Woodstock

Your best friend is:
Pippi Longstocking/Penny Black

You and your friends are:
A New Lease of Death (aka Sins of the Fathers)/The Inner Circle

What’s the weather like:
The Shadow in the Water/Sun Storm

Favourite time of day:
Skumringstimen (Johan Theorin, Echoes from the Dead. In Danish: The Twilight Hour)/Wildfire at Midnight

If your life was a:

What is life to you:
What never happens (aka The Final Murder)/Wolf to the Slaughter

Your fear:
Playing with Fire/Death in Oslo/When the Devil Holds the Candle

What is the best advice you have to give:
A is for Alibi/A Shilling for Candles

Thought for the Day:
In the Woods/Telling Tales

How I would like to die:
Not in the Flesh/A Great Deliverance

My soul's present condition:
What is mine (aka Punishment)/Hidden Depths

Would you like to play? Please send a link if you do.

Enjoy Norman´s answers on CrimeScraps, and Kate´s on Kate´s Book Blog.

10 kommentarer:

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

Would I like to play? definitely here is my link Dorte.

Dorte H sagde ...

Norman, this is indeed fun! :D

Kate S. sagde ...

I did this one yesterday, though the version that I did seems to have slightly different questions than yours:


It comes off sounding a bit ominous with a preponderance of crime fiction titles, doesn't it!?

Beth F sagde ...

I'll save this for when I need a blog post. I like this one.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kate, I admit I come off as somewhat glum - but that is just us Scandinavians ;)
I will rush off to take a look at yours.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth, I agree this is a good one to have in hand for an uninspired day - if you ever have one of those. First I thought it would be difficult, but it was ever so fun to go through my reviews, looking for the right kind of answers.

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

This is an interesting idea, Dorte. It does look a little scary for me right now, though...I'm wondering if my brain still functions well enough to remember bits from the books I read this year!


Bernadette sagde ...

I did one too. It was fun. http://reactionstoreading.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/my-life-according-to-the-books-ive-read-this-year/

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth, I admit that for people who don´t know me, my answers may look sinister! It is just tar-black, Scandinavian humour when it is worst ;)

I didn´t try to remember what I had read; I skimmed my backup of all my reviews, and enjoyed filling in the slots together with my youngest daughter. (She is 19, so don´t worry; I have already corrupted her).

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette, I know.

If you notice the very first line of my post, I have put a link to your answers :D