søndag den 16. august 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you very much, Beth from Beth Fish Reads, for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award.

This award is really a meme, so now I am supposed to list seven of my favourite things (how fortunate it does not have to be seven activities).

1) reading
2) writing
3) travelling
4) blogging
5) watching a good film
6) researching
7) teaching

And now the difficult part, selecting seven bloggers to pass the award on. I have decided to copy Beth´s brilliant idea: nominating the last seven people who commented on my blog.
Please enjoy your award, just like I appreciate each and every comment you leave, and feel free to do with it what you want.

Donna, Big Beat from Badsville
Elizabeth, Mystery Writing is Murder
Rob, The View from the Blue House
Martin, Do you write under your own name
Maxine, Petrona
R.T., Novels, Stories, and More
Bernadette, Reactions to Reading

18 kommentarer:

Martin Edwards sagde ...

Thanks very much!

R/T sagde ...

Thank you, Dorte, for the kind award!

Maxine Clarke sagde ...

Thank you, Dorte! How nice of you to choose me. I always enjoy your blog and participating in the comments and discussions (apart from when Blogger is not in a good mood and eats words!).

Dorte H sagde ...

Martin, R.T and Maxine: you are welcome.

What is a blogger without comments? - very lonely.

Rob Kitchin sagde ...

Thanks, Dorte. Much appreciated.

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Thanks so much, Dorte! I really appreciate the honor. I'm planning on holding an award ceremony of my own soon and handing out some awards, too....I think I'm getting behind. :)

I think it's interesting that you list 'researching' among the things you enjoy. I also enjoy research--although I don't think there are many people like us around! :) What do you like about it?

Mystery Writing is Murder

Unknown sagde ...

Thank you so much Dorte! How nice of you.

Dorte H sagde ...

Rob & Donna: you´re welcome - just as your comments on my blog :D

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth; you are welcome.
What do I enjoy about research? Well, satisfying my curiosity, I suppose, and learning something new. Whether it is research for a theme we are reading in one of my classes, or research for a crime novel. After 15 years as a teacher, I don´t enjoy all aspects of my job, but reading new texts and planning new themes are things that make the job worth while.

Louise sagde ...

Congrats on your award, Dorte, you really deserve it :-)

Dorte H sagde ...

Louise, thanks a lot!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks sagde ...

Congrats on your award, Dorte! I didn't recognize some of the names on your list, so thanks for introducing me to some more blogs to read! :)

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Dawn.

I thought Beth´s method of awarding the people who had left comments was a brilliant idea, especially because there were some bloggers among who are also fairly new to me. I also enjoy stumbling on new, inspiring blogs.

Beth F sagde ...

Thanks for giving me some new blogs to discover!

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth, you are sooo welcome :D

Bernadette sagde ...

Thanks for the award Dorte. I've been away from home for a little while and was a bit sporadic about keeping up with emails, blog comments and all of that but it was lovely to come home to an award. As soon as I'm unpacked and have caught up with the washing (how DOES it accumulate so rapidly?) I'll do something other than say thanks :)

Dorte H sagde ...

You are welcome, Bernadette.
Of course I do expect people to sit around at home, waiting to be acknowledged by this blogger, but I will forgive you just this once. I hope you have been enjoying yourself!

trish sagde ...

You've been nominated in the Best Thriller/Mystery category for BBAW. Can you email me at trish.browning@gmail.com as soon as possible with your email address? Thanks!