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L.C. Tyler, The Herring Seller´s Apprentice (2007)

(Denne britiske krimidebut er desværre ikke oversat – men mon ikke den kommer).

The first-person narrator of this British debut, Ethelred Hengist Tressider, who is three writers in one (i.e. writing under three names he prefers to his own) has just come home from a research trip to France when the police inform him that his ex-wife has disappeared and they fear she may have committed suicide.

His quite special literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, is not at all sure Geraldine has killed herself, and she insists that Ethelred take a look at the disappearance using his supposed detective skills. Elsie reminds him that his wife always called him the herring seller while she assigns the more humble role as his apprentice to herself.

This highly amusing crime story is teeming with quirky characters you will not forget soon, and all the way through Tressider plays with his roles as writer, narrator and detective.

Tyler´s story is a quick and entertaining read with a fine and surprising plot. If you like cozy mysteries with a delicious British atmosphere, this one is a must!

Thank you to Karen, EuroCrime for hosting a competition where I won my first copy, and to Maxine, Petrona, for giving me my second copy. As you can see, I have a fine prize ready for my next competition.

Karen Meek´s review.
Maxine´s review.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Sounds like a winner! I wonder if I can find a copy here.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth, I am sure you´d enjoy this one.
I have another promising one next to me on the table, however. Came by mail the other day. I am trying to stick to my plan, reading three library books and then a Scandinavian novel that has just come out in Britain. But that cover is soooo tempting ;)

Peter Rozovsky sagde ...

The novel also has some surprisingly pensive and downbeat notes for a book by a self-described author of comic cozies.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Bernadette sagde ...

Definitely adding this one to the wishlist thanks Dorte (never heard of it before)

Dorte H sagde ...

Peter, I agree that this one is special as the main character stands out as an extremely human and sympathetic character. So this book is certainly more than just a laugh.

Really, Bernadette? I think I´d better add a link to Maxine´s review then. As Peter indicates, this is a cozy of a certain class.

Beth F sagde ...

This sounds like my kind of mystery: quirky characters and a British cozy!

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth; well, we are quite good at taking turns, tempting each other, aren´t we? LOL

Len Tyler sagde ...

Many thanks for the nice review (and thanks as ever to Karen and Maxine). With regard to your opening comments, I'd rather hoped a Danish publisher might be interested - particularly since this and subsequent novels all have Danish references and/or characters - see for example the nod in Peter Hoeg's direction on page 65. But so far unfortunately not ...


(L C Tyler)

Dorte H sagde ...

Hi Len!

What a pleasure to meet you :D

I am sure Danish readers would enjoy meeting Tressider & Thirkettle, but even though we don´t feel the crisis quite as much as less fortunate nations, it has certainly hit the book branch. As someone who is trying to sell my first crime manuscript to a publisher I should know. Today they admit quite openly that they are not interested in Danish debut novels, and they don´t even return the manuscript unless you are willing to pay for it so ...

I am sure things will be better in a year or two, however, and then you should certainly have a fair chance again.