lørdag den 27. juni 2009

Weekly Geeks # 24: trivia

Weekly Geeks is another activity I have not had time to participate in for several weeks, but this week offers a good opportunity to write a crime-related post: ask some book trivia questions.

Here we go. How many first names do you remember?

1) The British writer Agatha Christie´s two best known detectives are Monsieur Poirot and Mrs Marple. What are their first names?

2) American Sue Grafton´s alphabet series is about the female detective Millhone. What is her first name?

3) Scottish Alexander McCall Smith writes about Mma Ramotswe from Botswana. Her first name?

4) American Elizabeth George writes about the British couple Lynley and Havers. What are their first names?

5) Swedish author Stieg Larsson´s famous trilogy features Blomkvist and Salander. What are their first names?

6) British Colin Dexter´s famous couple are called Morse and Lewis. What are their first names?

Send a comment with your answers. They are moderated, but I will add your name to the post plus how many of your ten first names are correct.

Answers so far:
Whereisrikki: five correct answers of five suggestions
Olelog: one correct answer of one suggestion (the tricky one).
Farmlanebooks: cannot remember Inspector Morse´s first name. Small wonder, Jackie.
Crimescraps: ten correct answers - plus a confession that he watches too much TV.
Lahni: one answer, which is correct.
Gautami Tripathy: five answers, all correct.
Kerrie: eight correct answers of eight suggestions (but you have mixed up question 5 and 6 :)) Kerrie has discovered her mistake - ten out of ten correct.
Claire: two answers, which are both correct.

NB: from Monday I will be away on holiday.

13 kommentarer:

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

This is fun I know these I think?
1] Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple
2] Kinsey Milhone
3] Precious Ramotswe
4] Thomas [Tommy] Lynley and Barbara Havers
5] Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander
6} Endeavour Morse and Robert Lewis

Enjoy your holiday.

These answers are the result of me spending far too much time watching crime series on TV for the answers to 1,3, 4, and 6.

Unknown sagde ...

No - Sorry. I am terrible with names!

I really should know number 6, as I have watched every Morse on TV, but I can't even remember that!

Unknown sagde ...

At Morse hed Endeavour blev vist kun afsløret en enkelt gang, så det er nok den sværeste. Jeg skal undlade at kommentere resten.

God ferie Dorte.


Anonym sagde ...

1. Hercule and Jane
3. Precious
4. Thomas and Barbara

The others I have never read, so have no clue.

Lahni sagde ...

The only one I know is #3. Her name is Precious.

gautami tripathy sagde ...

1) Hercule Poirot/Jane Marple
3) Precious Ramotswe
6) Endeavour Morse/Robert Lewis

gautami tripathy sagde ...

And here are my Trivia questions:

WG: Trivia Time

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Gautami

- and all the others whose comments I cannot bring :)

Kerrie sagde ...

My answers
1. Hercule & Jane
2. Kinsey
3. Precious
4. Thomas & Barbara
5. Morse likes to answer only to Morse but his initial is E which stands for Endeavour. Lewis is Robbie which he also hates when people he doesn't like use it. Morse never uses it.

claire sagde ...

Hi Dorte! I only know one answer for sure. NUmber one: Hercule and Jane? :D

Kerrie sagde ...

Yes, I left Q5, Mikael & Lisbeth, out altogether didn't I? I thought afterwards I may have done that.

Do have a nice holiday in Scotland(?)

Care sagde ...

I only know one. I think I *should* know more, but alas, no.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Weekly Geeks trivia :D

And thank you to those of you wishing me a nice holiday. We are flying off to Scotland tonight, and will be back in 10 days.