torsdag den 4. juni 2009

Next Step: the Michelin Guide?

[For skandinaviske gæster: husk at deltage i ugens bogkonkurrence]

Even though I try to take my own principles seriously and blog about crime fiction exclusively, I know I stray from the path now and then. And why not; you never know when & where you will be struck by fame. Just see this comment which came my way very early this morning:


We have just added your latest post "DJs krimiblog: Italian Food for Thought" to our Food Directory . You can check the inclusion of the post here . We are delighted to invite you to submit all your future posts to the directory for getting a huge base of visitors to your website and gaining a valuable backlink to your site.

Warm Regards
Xxxxx team.

5 kommentarer:

Louise sagde ...

That is rather cool, I guess. Congratulations :-)

Dorte H sagde ...

Louise, I think it is hilarious that a crime fiction blog, written by someone who can hardly boil an egg, has been ´discovered´ by an Italian food directory. I wonder how much English they really understand ;)

Søren sagde ...

Haha, that's funny! Congratulations indeed :-)

Beth F sagde ...

Gosh I'm laughing out loud. That is just too funny. Just goes to show you how reliable those blog directories can be.

Dorte H sagde ...

Søren and Beth; their comment really made my day :O