mandag den 28. juni 2010

Plotting, Planning and Polishing

I have just seen what I blogged about immediately after my summer holidays began last year. Late June seems to be my time for plotting.

First of all I intend to polish an old crime manuscript and send it off to a publisher, probably in August.

Second I need a new project to work on. I am considering a cosy mystery written in English.

My working title: The Cosy Knave.

My preliminary ideas:

Setting: a tiny Yorkshire village called Knavesborough. “The Cosy Knave” is the local tea house.

Detective and sidekick (or vice versa): Constable Archibald Primrose and his fiancé Rhapsody Gershwin, the local vicar´s daughter.

Time: June and July 2010. The drama begins when someone dies during the World Cup match between England and Germany.

Characters: you may meet people you have met before such as Constable Archibald Prewitt (now Primrose) and Arnold and Mildred Kickinbottom.

If you read cosies, does this sound like something for you?

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Bernadette sagde ...

I read cosies (when I can find a good one) (which I am sure yours would be) and it sounds tempting to me - as long as Rhapsody is a bit feisty and doesn't let Archibald lead the charge just 'cos he's a copper :)

Look forward to it. Please go and write it. Now.


Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Firstly, many thanks for becoming a follower, it did indeed mean a lot to me.

I can hardly wait to see your latest venture. A death during the Engalnd/Germany match - it sounds so exciting, more than can be said of the match itself.

Good luck with the revised manuscript. These publihers obviously don't know a good thing when they read it.

Kerrie sagde ...

goodness - are you writing a spoof Dorte?

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Yes! This sounds perfect for a cozy mystery. Good luck with your new project and with submitting the old one.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - This sounds wonderful!! I can't wait to read it. I've been wondering when we were going to see more of Arnold and Mildred, and I love the scenario. Something wonderful for me to look forward to..

Unknown sagde ...

Good luck!

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: don´t worry about Rhapsody, she can take care of herself! Thank you for the thumbs-up.

Tracy: your support - especially when I write fiction - also means a lot to me!

Kerrie: first of all a cosy, but yes, I feel like having some fun right now, so I suppose you´ll call it a spoof.

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth: I am glad you approve of the frames. If I need help, you are the expert I´ll have to appeal to :D

Margot: they have become like old acquaintances to me (won´t exactly call them friends)so of course I must revive them.

Ole: thank you!

Kelly sagde ...

It sound good to me!

Off to read your links now. I think those were posted right before I began followin you.

Kelly sagde ...

I just read your stories and thoroughly enjoyed them!!

Also liked the jigsaw you were working on over Christmas. I love jigsaw puzzles and haven't been working on the one I have set out lately.

BooksPlease sagde ...

Sounds good to me. I hope you've been inspired by the England/Germany game - out players weren't!

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

Sounds charming and a match is always a good place to begin things.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: somehow the character Arnold Kickinbottom has always appealed to me (my grumpy side, perhaps?), and though I only plan to use him as a minor character, I think he is a must as one of the quirky characters of a cosy.

Margaret: I can see that my perspective is different because that match is absolutely perfect for my purpose.

Patti: well, using a football match (or *any* sports) is a novelty for me. I shocked my family when I told them about my plan, but I intend to use a less-than-enlightened point of view which may save me from the worst mistakes.