tirsdag den 1. juni 2010

Faroese Crime

As I have promised, I will read my new batch of library books in the order suggested by my readers.

So I have begun reading Jógvan Isaksen´s Korsmesse (The Cross Mass), my first crime novel from the remote Faroe Islands. We visited them in 1994 and can testify to their beauty.

Before anyone asks: no, I cannot read Faroese so I have to read a Danish translation.

Review coming up soon.

9 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - I'll look forward to your review : ).

Bernadette sagde ...

oh goodie I think I voted for this one - any place that I have to look up on a map is a place I want to know more about :)

By the way I think you Danes ought to take the English to taks over Book Depository - when you buy something from there (which I did today) there's a map that shows what other people are buying using BD's free shipping and in quick succession there were purchases in Sweden, Germany, Norway and then even Finland - so everyone around you but not you - what have they got against you?

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: it is not too long so you can just read it in Danish ;)

Bernadette: I think you´ll like this one for his knowledge about the environment.

And I don´t know either why we don´t get on with BD. (Well, we are an imperialistic bunch of vikings, but how did the English find out???)

Martin Edwards sagde ...

Sounds very interesting. How many other books are based in the Islands?

Dorte H sagde ...

Martin, this one is the third (and latest) in a series. There are probably other Faroese crime novels, but I have never come across any.

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

That is a gorgeous church.

Dorte H sagde ...

Patti: and perfect for the fishing community. Looks like a ship in the harbour.

Amy sagde ...

The Los Angeles Times had a gorgeous picture of the Faroe Islands a few months ago...I clipped it out, it was so gorgeous. It framed a small village and I even picked out which house I want. LOL. I need to get out more!

Are any of the Faroe crime books in English??? Say yes!


Dorte H sagde ...

Amy: this writer is the only one I know, and sadly his novels have not been translated. I hope they will as I am sure many English readers will enjoy them for the setting.