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Sjöwall & Wahlöö, Roseanna (1966)

[En kort & snottet anmeldelse, men spændingen skal jo udløses]

Denne fantastiske debut fortjener så absolut sin klassikerstatus, samt prædikatet ´mester-mysterium´. Det er første gang, vi møder Martin Beck, den rugende og pessimistiske strisser. Han og hans team sidder hurtigt fast i denne sag, hvor de måske aner hvad, men bestemt ikke ved hvorfor eller hvem (ikke engang navnet på den nøgne, unge kvinde, som bliver fundet i en sluse nær søen Vättern). Men Beck kan ikke slippe sagen, og selvfølgelig finder han svarene, men det kræver al hans sammenbidte beslutsomhed at nå til vejs ende.

Miljøet er 60ernes Sverige, et samfund præget af ulighed og social uro, politivold og et forudindtaget retsvæsen.

Hvis du endnu ikke har læst denne serie, som har inspireret en hel generation skandinaviske krimiforfattere, er der kun et at sige: det burde du!

Sjöwall & Wahlöö, Roseanna (1965)
[A short & snotty review, but of course I cannot keep you in suspense any longer]

This fantastic debut deserves its status as a neo-classical crime story and the epithet master mystery. This is the first time we meet Martin Beck, the ever-pessimistic, brooding cop. He and his team get stuck quite soon in this intriguing case where they may know what, but certainly don´t know why or who (not even the identity of the naked, young woman found in a lock near the large lake Vättern). Beck is unable to let the case go, however, and of course he finds the answers, but it takes all his dogged determination to get there.

The environment is Sweden of the 1960s, a society marked by inequality and unrest, police violence and a biased administration of justice.

If you have not read this series which has inspired a whole generation of Scandinavian crime fiction writers yet, there is only one thing to say: you should!

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Uriah Robinson sagde ...

Agreed Dorte this is indeed an inspirational crime fiction series. I have read 8 of the 10 but am saving the other two to be read later in the year, rather like saving the best chocolates till last.
Interestingly in the 1960s we were told in the UK that Sweden was a socialist utopia with a society without class divisions.

Søren sagde ...

One of my absolute favourite crimenovels! I hope you will be better soon :-)

Dorte H sagde ...

Norman, I think Sjöpwall & Wahlöö were very far left, but since then many ordinary Swedes have also criticised their own police force so ...

Søren, thanks a lot. And Roseanna was a really good choice for today´s poorly review (something I could concoct without reading the book).

Kerrie sagde ...

This is one I haven't read Dorte, so it is a good reminder. Hope your cold is improving

Bernadette sagde ...

This is yet another series I'd never heard of until recently. I am so annoyed at my local booksellers for keeping this stuff from me for so long. I really want to read these.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dorte H sagde ...

Hi Kerrie and Bernadette.
It is so nice to have people all over the world concerned about my health. Quite a new experience! - I think I am better today, but it really hit me quite hard the other day.

I am glad I could lead your attention to this classic series. If one wants to get to the bottom of the gloomy Scandinavians, this is THE series.