mandag den 4. maj 2009


Writing Exercise: Write a starter in no more than 200 words.
[En lignende dansk tekst kan findes her]


I took a deep breath before I stepped out in the open. No cars in sight right now. As soon as I had hoisted my skirt a bit up and put a hand on my hip to keep it there, I was ready. I began waving my thumb in the air. Steady now!


The only thing I had been able to grab when I ran off was the briefcase. I had wiped it thoroughly with my denim jacket which was so stained and torn that I had to dump it in a ditch anyway. I pricked up my ears. Was that a twig which snapped?

Swisssh. Swish.

A couple of cars shot past. Discreetly I rubbed my face with a Kleenex. I reeked of sweat and had an acrid taste of blood in my mouth, but they wouldn´t be able to see that. I just had to get a lift, because I couldn´t walk another ten feet.

Swish. Swiii… Iiiiih.

Finally! The rusty van pulled in with grating brakes, and I hobbled forward lest the driver should change his mind. I reached for the door handle. Right then the door in the back slid open.

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Anonym sagde ...

Great stuff! I really like this opener and want to read more. Very intriguing, with a menacing air about it.

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine, I am really glad you liked it. I got quite a lot of really positive feedback at the writing course, but I am not nearly as satisfied with the English version. But then it is always easier to write an English text than translate one.