lørdag den 2. maj 2009

Is That The House?

“The house where the Batesons had lived – a dear old couple, a pleasantly tottering, Darby and Joan pair, always ready to welcome little Miss Vane and give her strawberries and seedy-cake. Yes – the house – a huddle of black gables, with two piled chimney-stacks, blotting out the stars. One would open the door and step straight in, through the sanded entry into the big kitchen with its wooden settles and its great oak rafters, hung with home-cured hams. Only, Darby and Joan were dead by now, and Noakes (she vaguely remembered him – a hard-faced, grasping man who hired out bicycles) would be waiting to receive them. But – there was no light in any of the windows at Talboys.”

Meet the cosiest of cosies; to be reviewed tomorrow.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

A book by D. S., who usually wrote about L. P. W.?

Lauren sagde ...

This book's easy to identify, but I'm not sure it's the cosiest of cosies, really - there are a few too many seriously raw emotions floating around. I'm struggling to think of huge numbers of Golden Age stories where the characters had real feelings!

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine, you will know by now that you were right :)

Lauren, it may be because I read the series when I was very young that I enjoy it so much. The series may not be very realistic, but to me it will always be cosy.