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Italian Food for Thought

Finally I have come across Andrea Camilleri, Italian crime writer, whom I have heard so much about via English bloggers. Unfortunately not the first in the series, but this one will have to do for now. I am not going to destroy my reputation completely by trying to translate Camilleri, but here is another appetizer in English. Bon appétit!

He opened the fridge and let out a whinny of sheer delight. His housekeeper, Adelina, had made him two imperial mackerels in onion sauce, a dinner he would obviously spend the whole night wrestling with, but it was worth the trouble. To cover his rear, before starting to eat he made sure there was a packet of bicarbonate of soda in the kitchen, bless its little heart.

From Excursion to Tindari by Andrea Camilleri

[Posted by Norman, Crime Scraps here.]

Italiensk føde for sjælen.
Endelig er jeg stødt på Andrea Camilleri, den italienske krimiforfatter, som jeg har hørt så meget om via begejstrede, engelske bloggere.

En lille appetitvækker før anmeldelsen (måske på tirsdag). Kommissær Montalbano er sulten, og det nytter ikke at klage, hvis I også bliver det.

”Hvad må jeg servere for Dem i dag?”
”Hvad har du?”

”Alt hvad hjertet begærer, hvad pastaretter angår.”
”Nej, pastaen springer jeg over; jeg vil holde mig til en let menu.”

”Til hovedret er der hvid tunfisk i sursød sauce og gratinerede kulmule med sardelsauce.”

”Har du kastet dig ud i den højere kogekunst, Calò?”

”Nogle gange stikker det mig.”

”Kom med en rigelig portion kulmule til mig. Og lad mig for resten også få en stor tallerken antipasto med alt godt fra havet til at fordrive ventetiden med.”

Han førte den første bid til munden, men slugte den ikke straks. Først lod han den smelte på tungen så smagen bredte sig blidt og jævnt i hele mundhulen til han fuldt ud havde sanset hvilken gave for ganen han her blev skænket.

Bon appetit!

11 kommentarer:

R/T sagde ...

You will, I think, thoroughly enjoy Camilleri's novels featuring Inspector Montalbano. The Montalbano novels are more textured and nuanced than those from the other popular Italian detective series--Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti mysteries, which I also enjoy--and many readers insist that Camilleri's themes are more sophisticate; however, I think both series are super entertainments, and I think you are in for a real treat. Ciao!

Søren sagde ...

Uhmm...now I'm hungry for italien food & detectives :-)

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

Thanks for the mention and the link Dorte. Here is one link to the quote although I think I have quoted that one several times.


Dorte H sagde ...

R.T., thank you. I have indeed seen many recommendations of Camilleri so I expect more than good food :)
I have a Donna Leon novel on my library shelf too, and I may have time to review it in a few days (but I´d better not promise too much - I am a teacher, and exams are getting near).

Søren, I know what you mean. But other bloggers tempt me all the time so I don´t know why you should escape...

Norman, you are welcome :D
I think I have risked my neck quite often, but try to deliver a good translation of Camilleri? - no way!

Julia Phillips Smith sagde ...

'He made sure there was a packet of bicarbonate of soda in the kitchen, bless its little heart.' - Now I like this character immediately.

seana graham sagde ...

I finally got on the Donna Leon bandwagon recently, but I have my sites set on Camarelli too.

These Italian mysteries all seem to have a lot to do with food!

Dorte H sagde ...

Julia, I think he is very likeable :)

Seanag, from what I have heard about Camilleri, food is almost a religion to him. I have not got around to Donna Leon yet.

Bibliophile sagde ...

Camillery is great. I have been reading the series in the English publication order, but have not yet got to Excursion.

Food plays a very important part in Montalbano's life, and his housekeeper uses it to reward and punish him, depending on what he has done to please or displease her.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks sagde ...

mackerel with onion sauce isn't on my menu this morning, but you've convinced me to get up from the computer and get some breakfast!

Excellent excerpt to give us a "taste" of the book!

Dorte H sagde ...

Bibliophile, the more I hear about Montalbano, the more I like him & his world. The books are still rather expensive, but the series is on my list.

Dawn, I am glad you liked my idea. Sometimes one just has to come up with a post in a hurry :)

Anonym sagde ...


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