fredag den 30. januar 2009

Blog Award: Let´s Be Friends!

While Mack is trying to help people guessing this week´s Bait, I might as well post my new award, kindly given to me by Beth Fish, a blogger who truly deserves this award: Let´s Be Friends.
Thank you Beth, I really appreciate being a friend of yours.

The award says: “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

And now for the eight blogs I have selected (this was not easy - some of you deserve it much more than me but have already received it, and most of my blogging friends are new friends so after the first three people whom I have known ever since last year it was difficult to decide whom of all my new friends it should be).

1) Ole from Olelog - my friend (and my uncle, actually :)) who keeps a wonderful & inspiring blog about geology. He is Danish, but blogs in English from Belgium.
2) Lindsay, aka Hermitess - American woman who became my first new friend in the world of bloggers.
3) Jarka, aka Jajinka - lively young woman from the Slovak Republic, blogging in English.
4) Laesehest med Tankekroeller - female Danish blogger who shares my taste in crime fiction. Blogs in Danish - so now you are warned :)
5) Nille from "Nilles lille univers" - I began following Nille´s Danish-French book blog but soon realized I would also have to join her diary blog about her everyday life in Belgium.
6) Karen Meek from Euro Crime - female British blogger, just as fond of crime as I am :)
7) Cathy from Kittling Books - blogging about great books from Arizona (hope I got that right)
8) Heather from Books and Quilts - see her beautiful quilts all over from Canada.

And I think this quite international list of friends says a lot about what blogging is for.

10 kommentarer:

Jarka sagde ...

oh my...this is the nicest thing you could have done for me!!!! :) oh...I really don´t know what to say! it´s just so unexpected! ...thank you soooo much !!!!!

Nille sagde ...

Flattered.. oh yes! Thanks a lot... although a lot of your readers will be a bit lost with Danish blogs I presume! Now I'll have to think about whom to give it to ;-)

But I like the spirit of this award particularly - as so many have become self-praising housewives showing off cakes and flowers ;-)

Thanks Dorte!

Karen (Euro Crime) sagde ...

Thank you Dorte! I'm especially glad that you joined our merry band on Friend Feed!

Still can't get the 'Bait in the Box' book.

Beth F sagde ...

Help for your post: Do a Google search with these words (do not use the quotation marks): "scroll box blogger" There will be links to sites that have the code to make a scroll box in your post. I've never done this, but there seem to be several tutorials. Read a few sites and use the directions that make sense to you. It doesn't look that difficult (ha, ha!)

Be sure to save your template first -- just in case! I usually try new things on my test blog. I wish I could be of more help, but I've never tried a scroll box in a post before.

Cathy sagde ...

Thank you, Dorte! I've just returned from a trip out of town, but I'll get to this in a day or two!

Dorte H sagde ...

Jarka, Nille, Karen, Cathy: glad that you too appreciate this beautiful award.

Beth: thank you for helping me! I have set up a testblog and tried the html I found. It will not be the most elegant post in the world, but it works which is Okay for the moment.

Unknown sagde ...

Thank you very much! It is too kind!

For the time being I am reading Fred Vargas, who is a “she” (writing under pseudonym). She is quite different from English or Scandinavian "crime" authors. I appreciate her humorous style. I have just started on “Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand”. The original French title is “Sous les vents de Neptune”

Den er oversat til dansk under titlen “Neptunsvinde” (2008)

Nederlandse titel: “De terugkeer van Neptunus“

Dorte H sagde ...

Ole: not at all! - and if you like Fred Vargas, I must put his/her name on my list.
But I have just ordered 4 crime novels so perhaps not right now.

Anonym sagde ...

Hi Dorthe,
Thank you for the best friend award. It was so nice of you.

Hugs Christina

Dorte H sagde ...

Hi Christina.
My pleasure. I know that we are ´new friends´, but all of my blogging friends are new friends!
- that doesn´t matter, as long as you want to be my friend :)

Hugs from Thy to Funen.