søndag den 18. januar 2009

Min første blogpris - my first blog award!

Jeg har lige opdaget, at jeg har modtaget en pris for min blog!
- tusind tak, Louise! (Lou´s Pages)
Mere information om denne pris senere, men jeg skulle jo lige fortælle det til alle jer derude :)

My first blog award!
Thank you so much, Louise (from Lou´s Pages)!

The rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award up to ten other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

My nominees
1) I have awarded Jane (Danish blogger presently in Alabama; "Possum Scriptum") who in her own words is peculiar and nerdy - which is probably why I enjoy her posts so much.
2) My second nominee is Maxine (Maxine´s book reviews) for her cool and aesthetic blog - and for her warm welcome and support to this inexperienced blogger.
3) My third nominee is Norman (Crime Scraps) for his inspiring "Uriah posts" and for our wonderful discussion about Pippi Longstocking.

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Anonym sagde ...


Bonnie sagde ...

Thanks for visiting my blog Dorte! I just started blogging last July and just joined Weekly Geeks. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and hope that you join up with the Weekly Geeks also.

Alice M sagde ...

Hej Dorte,

Må hellere lige sige jeg har fundet din bogblog.
Jeg blogger stadig kun hyggeblogs (uden bøger) på urbanblog (jeg bloggede før i tiden dagbogsblog på min private hjemmeside, men følte det blev lidt for offentligt)

Hilsen Alice (krimi-læseren ;) )

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

And I have added you to my sidebar. :O) Congratualtions.

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine & Norman: thank you! - being awarded and acknowledged by Norman in one day - what more can one want in life ;)

Alice: velkommen, og hyggeligt at møde dig her. Og min blog handler kun om krimier, for min familie gider ikke være offentlig ejendom, og mit eget liv er såmænd ret trivielt.

Bonnie: welcome to my blog and I am sure we will meet again here, there and via weekly geeks.

Ali sagde ...

Congratulations on the award! I think it's neat that you blog in both Danish and English on the same blog. I hope you'll join Weekly Geeks next week, I promise the topic will be a good one for newcomers to jump in on. :-)

Unknown sagde ...

Tillykke med det!

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you Ali and Ole!

And I am certainly going to keep an eye on Weekly Geeks :)
- no need to miss any fun.

Beth F sagde ...

Congratulations! A well-deserved award!

Anonym sagde ...

Thank you for the award, Dorte! That is so kind of you. I will add you to Petrona's blogroll next time I update (I am already following your blog in my RSS reader). And thank you for your Stieg Larsson posts and discussion. You are a great asset to the Friend Feed discussion group, I'm very glad I discovered your blog via Karen of Euro Crime.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Beth.

And Maxine, what can I say. You nearly make me blush now.