tirsdag den 9. november 2010

Two Sentence Tuesday # 3

As the whole family has been afflicted by sore throats, I haven´t been as productive over the weekend as I hoped. I did write more than two sentences, however, so here is a titbit for you:

She found three old cook books, one of them kept together with tape, plus some pink and orange Danielle Steel novels, a dozen Barbara Cartlands and a few other female writers she had never heard about. Unless Archibald had some hidden side she didn´t know about, something was clearly wrong.

Two-Sentence Tuesday is hosted by Women of Mystery.

The Global Reading Challenge
More than a hundred people have participated in 2010, and many of you seem to have enjoyed the 2010 Global Reading Challenge so perhaps it is time to ask you if this was it, or if you want to play along next year.

Should we have a 2011 Global Reading Challenge?

I won´t be sad or disappointed if you don´t want it – I have plenty of other projects to keep me preoccupied for more hours than I have. On the other hand I don´t mind hosting the challenge again. It doesn´t take much of my time once the blog is up and running, and Kerrie is very helpful if I need technical assistance.

NB: I have thought about changing "the seventh continent" from Antarctica to a sort of wildcart setting - it could be the sea, the space, the future, the past or some supernatural world so don´t worry; unless you really want to, you won´t have to struggle to find interesting books with Antarctic settings.

15 kommentarer:

Jose Ignacio Escribano sagde ...

Dorte if you launch a 2011 edition I'm planning to participate.
I have left some random thoughts on Friendfeed i you would like to consider some minor changes.

Margot Kinberg sagde ...

Dorte - I love those sentences, and I am very excited to read the whole book :-).

Clare2e sagde ...

Can't go wrong with dogeared Babs Cartland books, I always say! I'd think I could only participate if I were allowed to use other worlds, nebula, etc. : )

Clarissa Draper sagde ...

I love your two sentences. I never took part in the 2010 reading challenge but I might be interested in the 2011.


Bernadette in Australia sagde ...

hmmmmm....what is Rhapsody up to?

As for the challenge I'm not entirely sure...I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's global challenge but I am pondering whether or not to make next year my 'read what's on your shelves/eReader/iPod before you buy anything else' challenge as things are a bit out of control on the TBR front. I have read so many books by new to me authors over the past couple of years that I really want to get stuck into second books by lots of them too.

However I could always participate at a slightly less extreme level than I have done this year and could probably manage that from within my existing collection. I have however had enough of Antarctica for the forseeable future and would be more than happy to visit other times and/or dimensions instead :)

Kelly sagde ...

Well, you already know I'd like to participate in 2011 since I didn't do it this year. The wildcard idea sounds fun!

Loved your sentences, here, too!!

Joanne G sagde ...

Great sentence! I wanted to read more. :)

BookPlease sagde ...

I didn't take part this year but I'd like to join in next year if you do run the challenge.

Dorte H sagde ...

Jose: thank you for your suggestions.
Margot: oh dear. I hope you do realize it will be at some point in 2011?
Clare: Ms Cartland sure has her fans :D
Clarissa: you´d be welcome.
Bernadette: well, Rhapsody doesn´t know yet, but the writer thinks she is going to be involved in a huge murder case.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: yes, I know you are in.
Joanne: thank you.
Margaret: it seems there is some interest so I have almost decided to host it again.

Beth F sagde ...

Oh I hope you do host this challenge again. I love the idea of having a wildcard category that could include a fantasy world, another planet, or whatever.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth: I will be happy to as it seems people want to continue.
And the ´wildcard continent´ certainly also appeals more to me than Antarctica has done ;)

Maxine sagde ...

I put a question on Friend Feed today but in case you don't see it I hope you don't mind if I repeat it today.

The contintents of Europe, N/central and S America, Asia and Africa all have plenty of countries to choose from. However, Australasia only has 4 (??) and of those only two seem active in producing crime fiction (Australia and NZ). In order to allow for a good menu of reading choices, would it be possible to consider allowing "states" (of Australia) to be equivalent to "countries" in other continents?

(Antarctica of course is another country-poor continent...)

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine: good point, and Australasia was the reason why I expressed the ´extremist´ rule like this:

"And if you are really an extreme reader, you will do your best to read novels from 21 different countries or states."

But I can see it will be a good idea to make it even clearer that your interpretation is fine.

Maxine sagde ...

Thanks so much, Dorte! I had not realised we were allowed to use states already! Perhaps because "states" is sometimes used loosely to mean "country" eg in news stories and the like.
Anyhow, thanks for the "letting off the hook" message ;-)