søndag den 14. november 2010

Six Word Sunday

I am sure you have come across six-word stories or memoirs before, e.g. the famous Hemingway story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” I think Shakespeare could have written some terrific ones: “Is that a dagger I s...?”

When my friend Margot, Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, called for dribbles the other day (fifty-word stories), my mind switched to Hemingway mode and began spitting out six-word stories.

Here is my new variation of the concept: stories inspired by book titles:

Golden Age Mysteries: 

1. “Gaudy Night.” “Unnatural Death.” “Whose Body?”

2. Having: “Busman´s Honeymoon.” Wanting: “Strong Poison.”

And now a threat: don´t you dare copying my idea – unless you come back here with a link so we can share the fun!

6 kommentarer:

Margot Kinberg sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, I love it!!!! How very creative!! And there's the Ruth Rendell-inspired story:

Road Rage.The Best Man to Die.Harm Done.

Oh, this is fun!!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams sagde ...

My brain isn't turned on yet today, but I'm enjoying your clever take on this challenge!

Clarissa Draper sagde ...

That is really fun! We should do a version of that for a contest or something.

Kelly sagde ...

Yours are fun! I have a book filled with six word memoirs (Not Quite What I Was Planning).

I'll have to think on this....

Beth F sagde ...

Love it!

Dorte H sagde ...

Great one, Margot!

Elizabeth: I know that it may take time to switch from novel mode to six-word stories.

Clarissa: you are welcome to steal the inspiration if you have a good idea for some fun.

Kelly: hilarious memoir!

Beth: thank you. It is nice when you can entertain your readers in a few words.