søndag den 20. februar 2011

Laura Lippman, Hardly Knew Her (2008)

This is a collection of very different American short stories, the first part set in Baltimore.

The Crack Cocaine Diet
Kelley and her friend Molly have just dropped their boyfriends which is why they need a quick diet and new dresses to show the world how stupid these guys were to let them go. They decide cocaine must be the most efficient cure, and these two nice girls begin to look for an appropriate Baltimore corner to get their chosen drug.

Dear Penthouse Forum (A First Draft)
Andrew is stranded in the airport, having to wait for a plane the next morning, but fortunately he meets Maureen, a woman who is generous in more than one way and more than willing to help him out.

These stories are darker than Lippman´s Tess Monaghan stories, but strongly recommended. I bought the Kindle edition myself.

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Thanks very much for this. I like Laura Lippman; I'll have to try this one out.

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

I think I shall have to look this author up, thanks for the recommendation.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: I think you´d love this author.

Tracy: the stories are fine, and the novel I read recently was even better.

Unknown sagde ...

Cool! Thanks for the recommendation.

Dorte H sagde ...

Clarissa: good AND cheap fiction = excellent combination :D

Beth F sagde ...

I've only read a few of the Tess books. I really should read some of her other work.