tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

Two-Sentence Tuesday

- Two-Sentence Tuesday is hosted by Women of Mystery -

What am I reading this week? Well, yesterday I put down a Swedish crime novel after 48 pages. I have just about had enough of spoiled, Swedish sailors for some time.

Why can´t I remember which debuts were good and which ones were less than overwhelming? If I had remembered my own review of this writer´s debut, I´d hardly have dragged this one home from the library. I always remember the brilliant ones, though.

Instead I picked up Peter Lovesey´s Diamond Dust. My expectations to this one are not sky high either, but I want to read it for the What´s in a Name challenge. What´s wrong with Peter Lovesey, you may wonder. Nothing, as far as I know, it´s just that British Peters who write lots of books tend to blur for me (James, Robinson, Lovesey). But perhaps Lovesey´s books are lovely - I hope so.

And now for a glimpse of my latest fish... eh, flash  fiction:

A Summer Fling

Monday Mildred Kickinbottom put on a brand-new polyester blouse in a delicate lavender shade, but Arnold didn´t notice. He was focusing on identifying those tiny bones of his herring and spitting them out, quite loudly, to remind Mildred what he thought about her choice of dinner. 

16 kommentarer:

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Nice bit of flash fiction!

Hope "Diamond Dust" will be good. :)

Harvee sagde ...

I think I haven't read enough Swedish mysteries and will be picking up Nesbo next. What do you think of her books? Is she even Swedish? Scandinavian, I know.

Here's my 2-3 sentence quote from a current read: The Anthologist: A Novel

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth: thank you. At least I have not come across any spoiled sailors yet :D

Harvee: Jo Nesbø (who is a man, by the way) is among the very best. He is Norwegian, but many of the Swedish writers are also brilliant - the problem is, though, that there are also some copycats.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, I like those sentences! I'm eager to read the rest :-).

And as far as spoiled sailors go, I agree with you. Enough is enough. I really hope you'll like Diamond Dust, and I look forward to your review.

Unknown sagde ...

First of all, I'm with you. I don't like books that are full of whiny/spoiled characters, I would have put the book down too.

I love your excerpt. You come up with the most amazing names. I'd have probably of slapped a man who was picky over my dinner.

Heather sagde ...

Arnold needs a smack on the back of his head.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: Diamond Dust seems to be all right.

Clarissa and Heather: you don´t mean to say you don´t like Arnold???
Don´t slap him too hard - he is a very useful character ;)

Belle Wong sagde ...

Very nice bit of flash fiction - I can see Arnold so clearly.

Kelly sagde ...

Yes, I'm beginning to feel as if I "know" your characters. I always enjoy your little snippets featuring them!

Dorte H sagde ...

Belle and Kelly:

As the woman always says, "I know he´s a bastard, but he is MY bastard!" ;)

Kathleen A. Ryan sagde ...

I'm a Dorte fan ~ I love "A Summer Fling" already! Your character's name is terrific.
Thanks for participating in Two Sentence Tuesday ~ I've updated my post to include a link to your post.
Best wishes with "A Summer Fling."

Dorte H sagde ...

Kathleen: oh, how kind of you!
And I am a fan of your terrific stories!

Ellen sagde ...

And which 'spoiled, Swedish sailor' may that be? I'd like to know to be sure that I can recognize the name next time I'm looking for a new crime novel at the library... and skip that author ;-)

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

My reading group chose a Swedish mystery so here I go.

Dorte H sagde ...

Ellen: du må gerne skrive på dansk - de fleste af mine læsere foretrækker bare engelsk af en eller anden grund.

Jeg ville egentlig ikke skrive det, for forfatteren kan jo ikke gøre for, at jeg på det seneste har testet et par nye svenske forfattere og fundet dem sådan lidt Läckberg light (for meget skærgård & personfnidder, for lidt udvikling i plottet). Men det er Viveca Sten.

Dorte H sagde ...

Patti: hardly this one - unless you are going to read it in some Scandinavian language.

On the whole, the Swedish crime novels are better than the Danish ones, but I try to keep up with what´s going on in Scandinavia so of course I run into some of the lighter products also.