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I have had a feeling that since I began blogging, I have also expanded my horizon quite a bit so like several fellow bloggers, I will publish my own list of the new authors I read in 2010. In 2009 34 of my 117 reviews were written by authors who were new to me. This year, I have read 59 new authors of 103 books. And I have even managed to create a graph which should show you the difference at a glance.

So this is what blogging does to you – thank you to all you bloggers out there who have inspired me to venture out of my comfort zone! The stars are the most memorable reading experiences.

Agnete Friis (with Lene Kaaberbøl) *
Aline Templeton
Brian Kavanagh
Brian McGilloway
Camilla Ceder
Camilla Grebe (with Åsa Träff)
Charlotte MacLeod
Colin Cotterill
Denise Mina *
Donis Casey
Ellis Peters
Elly Griffiths *
Erin Kelly
Gianrico Carofiglio
H.C. Bailey
Jackie Fullerton
James Thompson
Jan Costin Wagner
Jane Casey *
Joanne Harris
Julie Hastrup
Jógvan Isaksen
Karen Campbell
Karin Slaughter
Knut Faldbakken
Lars Kepler
Laura Lippman *
Laura Wilson
Leah Giarratano
Leighton Gage
Linda Castillo
Liz Rigbey *
Louise Doughty
Lynda S. Robinson
M.C. Beaton
Malcolm Pryce
Malla Nunn
Mario Vargas Llosa
Matt Rees
Megan Abbott *
Paul Cleave
Pia Juul
Pierre Magnan
Raymond Khoury
Rebecca Tope
Ruth Dugdall
Ruth Newman
Sanne Udsen
Sarah Andrews
Scott Nicholson
Simon Beckett *
Simone van der Vlugt
Stuart Pawson
Thomas H. Cook
Vicki Delany
Viveca Steen
W.J. Burley
Yaba Badoe

Whom of these have you read? 
Who are your favourites?

13 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Like you, I've found that my blogging horizons have widened since I started blogging. You've got a most impressive list there of previously-new-to-you-authors :-).

Mason Canyon sagde ...

It's so hard for me to select a favorite. It seems my favorite is the one I'm reading at what ever time I'm asked. Blogging has opened up a wonderful world of 'new to me' authors as well. Wishing you much happy reading in the coming new year.

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Michael Krarup sagde ...

Jeg har en, godt nok mindre, opgørelse over min krimilæsning i 2010 - men du kan se den på:
Det blev til 23 krimier, men det kun de mest anbefalelsesværdige, som jeg har taget med - og så årets danske skuffelse...

Kelly sagde ...

I feel a bit lacking... I've only read two of these authors! Ellis Peters is a favorite of mine for her Cadfael myteries.

I see several authors that I already have on my list for "challenge" books this year.

I must say "thanks" to you and several other book bloggers I follow for broadening my reading horizons. I've thoroughly enjoyed finding a wider variety of books and authors!

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: blogging is a challenge - a really good one :D

Mason: with that philosophy you´ll have plenty of wonderful reading experiences.

Michael: fin liste, og jeg har straks føjet Bogbrokken til min blogroll.

Kelly: you are welcome. And it is also via MY favourite reviewers that I have found so many new gems.

BooksPlease sagde ...

I've read 8 of those authors and of those I think I've most enjoyed books by Joanne Harris and Elly Griffiths. Blogging has certainly broadened my reading this year, with more crime fiction than ever before.

Unknown sagde ...

Since I started blogging, I've read a lot more books. You've recommended some great ones this year. Thank you.


Natasha sagde ...

Isn't it wonderful when you discover so many new authors through recommendations?
I am not familiar with any of the names you mentioned, but someday, I know I will come back to your list.

Unknown sagde ...

A very impressive list of authors. I have only read books by a few of them, though some are on my list for next year. I have read many years ago books by Mario Vargas Llosa and they were all wonderful. This year I've read Still Midnight, by Denise Mina and I agree with you that she is very good writer. I have previously read Garnethill, one of her earlier books, also very good.

Anonym sagde ...

Congratulations - an impressive broadening! I have read maybe half of the authors on your "new" list and have enjoyed many of them. Like others, I too find that reading reviews on blogs has widened my reading horizons - partly because newspapers seem to have cut back so much on their book reviews, both in number of books reviewed and length of review - often a book receives only a paragraph which is hardly enough to do it justice.
Best wishes

Dorte H sagde ...

Margaret: Elly Griffiths is wonderful. The one Joanne Harris I have read did not really appeal to me, though. My feeling was she was a literary writer who tried to write a mystery and wasn´t too good at it.

Clarissa: I don´t read *more* books, but I read far better books.

Rayna: yes, and the trick is to find out whose taste you share ;D

Alister: nice to meet you. Llosa was a very different, but fine experience, and The Garnethill trilogy was one of my very best finds of 2010.

Maxine: yes, I can imagine you have read at least half of my new writers as you have sent so many on to me. I have never trusted the ´professional´ Danish reviewers much as many of them seem to prefer scathing reviews to informative ones.

Care sagde ...

I've not read a single one! I do recognize a few...

Dorte H sagde ...

Care: no, I have noticed that your crime fiction diet is a bit slim ;D