tirsdag den 14. december 2010

November´s Haul

Just practising uploading pictures on my new macbook. And now that I have succeeded, I should perhaps tell you that these eleven books are my November haul. 
4244 intriguing pages,  and thanks to two sales that overlapped, I got these mountains for 125 kroner 
($ 22 or 14.5 ..... oh dear, I can´t even find that pound sign - Mac, where did you put it?) 

Picture 1: 
Liz Rigbey, Summer Time
Kathy Reichs, Déja Dead + Death du Jour
Phil Rickman, The Man in the Mosse + Crybbe
Philip Margolin, The Associate + The Last Innocent Man

Picture 2: 
Rebecca Tope, A Cotswold Killing
Deborah Crombie, Leave the Grass Green
Charlotte MacLeod, The Recycled Citizen
Colin Bateman, Mystery Man
Simon Brett, The Stabbing in the Stables
Catherine Sampson, Out of Mind
Adrian McKinty, Dead I Well May Be 

Apart from Rebecca Tope, all these writers are new to me. Have you read any of the writers/books? 
What did you think about them?

NB: I did find the mislaid £ this morning.

18 kommentarer:

Bernadette sagde ...

You know some people would consider it the height of rudeness for a blogger to keep rubbing it in that they've got a brand new macbook which other bloggers might be coveting madly ;)

Not to mention a great new haul of books

Palle sagde ...

Right beside the tast #4 with the $-sign which of course is to the left ;-D, but it could be different on your Mac.
But that's a good bargain you got there

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: and if I tell you it was a gift from my gorgeous husband ... (no, I´d better shut up now, or I´ll be the next victim in a gory thriller).

Palle: no, that is where it was on my pc. Above 4 they have put € now, and $ is beneath §, but apparently they didn´t think I´d need a pound sign - please don´t tell my British friends!

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

A great haul. I love Kathy Reichs and have all her books. An forensinc anthropologist herself, I think her books are realistic though the 'romance' element I personally could do without. I look forward to reading your reviews and especially those Reich's books.

Dorte H sagde ...

Tracy: my daughter grabbed the Kathy Reichs omnibus immediately as she watches the series on TV. But I´ll probably get my chance later.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - That is a lovely haul of books!! I hope you'll enjoy all of them. And as for your macbook? I'm not jealous. Not me. Ohhhhh, no. Nope. No bitterness here - hmppphhh ;-)

Unknown sagde ...

I've read Deborah Crombie. But you have a great load of books.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: my husband had grown so tired of listening to my complaints about my pc (very noisy & ridiculously slow though it was only one year old)

Clarissa: and I am really looking forward to digging into them.

Joanne Ganley sagde ...

Enjoy your Mac and selection of crime reading. I have not read any of them but look forward to your excellent reviews.

Heather sagde ...

I've read a few by Philip Margolin and really enjoyed how he develops his plot lines.

Dorte H sagde ...

Excellent reviews? Ah, I like that :D

Heather: I have heard he should be good.

Kelly sagde ...

I was thinking I'd seen Kathy Reichs reviews on your blog, but reading the comments I see now that it must have been at Pen and Paper. I knew I'd heard good things about her.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your new Mac. Everyone that has one loves it! I've always been content with my PCs, but I won't say I'll never make the switch. After all, I'm getting a Kindle for Christmas (which I never thought I'd do)!

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: If I have ever read Kathy Reichs, it has been long before my blogging days.

I hope you´ll enjoy your Kindle. And my Mac is great - it just takes time to get to know all the new programmes.

BooksPlease sagde ...

I've read and enjoyed a couple of Simon Brett's books - but not that one.

Happy reading!

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

Kathy Reichs, Charlotte MacLeod, Colin Bateman, Philip Margolin, Deborah Crombie.

seana graham sagde ...

Of course the question now becomes, what are you going to get him?

I have read several of the authors that you have there, but only one of the actual titles--Dead I Well May Be, which I highly recommend, if you can take your crime tales with some violence.

I read the early Deborah Crombies religiously, and don't really know why I stopped. I did read this one, I'm realizing, though I don't remember the plot at this distance.

Colin Bateman is hilarious. And I loved all the Simon Brett Charles Paris series, but I don't think this is one of them?

Mason Canyon sagde ...

You've got some great books there. I've only read Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs. Enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Thoughts in Progress

Dorte H sagde ...

Margaret: Brett has written so many that I just had to pick one.

Patti: I can see I have been less Anglofile than usual :D

Seana: I am glad you can confirm I have some good experiences in store, and I am not too squeamish when it comes to violence. The Simon Brett is a Fethering story.

Mason: I am sure most of them will be fine. They have all been recommended by trusted blog friends.