mandag den 20. december 2010

Christmas Toffee (part 2)

Vicarage knick-knack

A few days later Rhapsody and Psalmonella Gershwin, the vicar´s daughters, came across the newcomer while shopping in the local grocery.

“Isn´t that Miss Brown?” Psalmonella nudged her sister.

“No, it can´t… Dear me, I´m afraid you´re right. Do you think she was caught up in a duel between a couple of graffiti painters?” Rhapsody bit her lip to keep herself from laughing out loud. Her first impression of Toffee Brown had been a non-descript granny who suited her name admirably. 

Unfortunately, Miss Brown ambushed them with her trolley before Rhapsody could gain control of the wicked grin on her face. Deftly, she bent down to pat the chubby little dog before she had to look at its owner. Toffee´s fluffy, white curls had been coloured pink and green like a peppermint cane.

“Hello, Tweedledee. Good dog.”

Psalmonella was the better actress. “How nice to meet you, Miss Brown. I hope you are settling down in Knavesborough?”

“Oh, well, it´s a bit quiet up here, isn´t it? When one is used to the bright city lights…” Toffee Brown muttered.

“So you lived in a city before you came here?”

“I did indeed. In the limelight, you might say.” She leaned forward, whispering theatrically.

“In the limelight, even. Then I do understand that we must seem a bit trivial for your taste,” Rhapsody smiled.

“You see; Toffee Brown is not my real name. It´s a pseudonym.” Toffee stepped so close to the sisters that they could inhale her latest cup of coffee and screwed up her blue eyes. Nice eyes, actually, if she hadn´t stuck so much goo around them.

Rhapsody took pity on her. “A pseudonym. But why, Miss Brown?”

“I write novels! Romances! World-famous bestsellers. But I came here because I needed a rest. “

“I see. I am sure you have come to the right place, then. Plenty of rest and fresh air and all.” Psalmonella patted her shoulder and stretched out a hand to put a few tins of baked beans into her trolley.

Behind them, the bestseller writer kicked a sack of dog food viciously.

To be continued tomorrow. 

7 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - I love your description of the dog's new, dyed look - poor thing. And I love it that Toffee Brown says she writes romance novels with such a terrific conspiratorial air. Oh, this is getting good - terrific shopping scene :-).

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

I'm now picturing Toffee as a rather festive Barbara Cartland. So descriptive, I can picture her so clearly.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: eh, it´s Toffee and not the dog who has been dyed.

Tracy: hehe.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - *Blush of embarrassment* Of course! I am so sorry! When I read your post earlier, I most definitely had not had enough coffee. That makes it even funnier, actually :-). And it doesn't change the fact that I really can't wait for tomorrow's instalment.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: small wonder you mix up my ´characters´ with the kind of names I give them. I am afraid you´ll have to provide the coffee yourself but I promise lots of Toffee for you over the next few days.

Kelly sagde ...

I just love the name Psalmonella!!

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: and I can assure you, she is a wonderful cook!