lørdag den 7. august 2010

The Scene is Set, Folks

The very first rule for an aspiring writer:

If you want to write a book, begin by reading a million.

So if you want to write a cozy mystery, go and read some! I am (wanting to write one & reading one).

This is how it sets out:

“Memphis, Tennessee, is a little bit of heaven in the springtime. The azalea bushes burst with blooms, magnolias perfume the air, and daffodils nod sassily in the breeze. Children scamper right down the middle of the street with their scolding mamas hustling after them. Folks pull leashes from the closet and take Buddy and Princess for a little stroll.”

You may not have figured out yet that this is a mystery, but I think you have guessed it is cosy. The book is part of my summer curriculum, one of the very pleasant steps on my route to pick up the various tricks of the cozy mystery trade. 

Tomorrow´s post: a full review of the book in question, “Delicious and Suspicious”, written by Riley Adams (i.e. my blog friend Elizabeth Spann Craig who knows everything about cozy mysteries and is happy to share her expertise with the readers of her blog).

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Bernadette sagde ...

I started this book last Sunday but accidentally left my copy at my folks' place so have to wait 'til tomorrow to pick it up again and finish it. Very annoying.

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: poor you! I´ll watch out for your review.

Mason Canyon sagde ...

This is a good read. Lulu Taylor is an enjoyable character that reminds me of several people (her attitude, not her ability to solve a murder). :) I'm curious to see if you are surprised at the ending.

Thoughts in Progress

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - I am so excited for your review of this one! : ). And I'm so glad it's just the first one of a series, too : ). I like your idea of reading a lot as you write. I've found my writing is so much helped by learning from others' writing.

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

Maybe this points up my problem with getting a book out, I am unsure of what sort of book it is so reading any genre does not help.

Dorte H sagde ...

Mason: Lulu is indeed a great character, and very credible.

Margot: if there is *one* thing I don´t respect, it is people who want to write but don´t feel they need to read what other writers have produced :D

Patti: I think I have had the same problem with my Danish manuscripts (or at least the publishers have); I may have positioned myself between crime and ´proper´ literature by focusing too much on the life of my protagonist rather than pace and excitement.

Kelly sagde ...

This one is sitting on my shelf (very near the top!) waiting to be read.

Looking forward to your review (and reading the book myself).

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

A good first paragaph - I like the sound of this one.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: and now you can see the whole review.

Tracy: it is a great little book.