søndag den 29. august 2010

Rebecca Tope, A Cotswold Mystery (2006)

This British novel is the fourth in the Thea Osborne series. I bought number three and four some time ago as part of my ´cozy mystery education´.

I picked the book yesterday because I suffered from a nasty headache and could not concentrate on anything heavier. It was entertaining, though Thea and her grown daughter annoyed me once in a while (well, let´s just be honest: a headache doesn´t exactly make you patient with people, does it).

Just a few words about the part I enjoyed mostly while I still remember it: Thea Osborne goes house-sitting as usual, but this time the bargain includes looking after old Mrs Gardner, the mother of the couple who inhabits the major part of the house. Thea knows the old woman is confused and forgetful, but she is at her wit´s end after a few minutes with her charge. Mrs Gardner suddenly admits that she realizes how forgetful she is, adding, “I can´t tell you how frightening it can be.”

“The lucid confession startled Thea yet again. It was like being in the presence of a growing group of people, all inhabiting one body.”

And getting to know this old woman was a great pleasure; she is so convincing - and so confusing. One moment she is there, and the next she seems to have forgotten she ever saw Thea before.

If you like a cozy mystery, taking place in the most charming, British setting, you´ll love this one. (And don´t worry, it doesn´t take a headache to enjoy it).

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Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Hope your headache is cleared.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - I'm so sorry you had a bad headache. I hope it's better now.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Tracy and Margot.

I am much better, but still at the stage where I have to be a bit cautious.

And I want (need) some exercise today!!!

Mason Canyon sagde ...

Dorte, hope you're feeling better. Headaches are a nasty thing. This sounds like a cozy mystery I'd enjoy. Love the book cover.

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Unknown sagde ...

I hope your feeling better now and these cozy type mysteries are some of my favorites. I just love the cover.


Louise sagde ...

I think it is such a long time ago since I read a cosy mystery. My mother reads them all the time, and I also think she has this series. Don't know if I am into them or if I am more of a hard core girl ;-)

Dorte H sagde ...

Mason: my headache is better, but I am not really well today.

Clarissa: better, but not well. I also love the covers of the Cotswold series.

Louise: you´ll probably think this one is rather tame. I like cosies for the characters and the environment, but I also want something tougher now and then.

Karen Russell sagde ...

Sounds interesting, and my library has the first three. I'm going to start at the beginning -- sometimes a cozy is just what you need!

Dorte H sagde ...

Karen: Yes, sometimes it is just the thing :D

Kelly sagde ...

Glad you're feeling a little better and hope you're back to 100% by tomorrow.

This sounds great...and the cover is wonderful! (that can often make the difference in whether I pick up a book for consideration or not)

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: apparently it was a beginning cold (which is now a very real cold).

Like you, I can easily be tempted by a great cover, but when I have started reading, it doesn´t mean much for me anymore.

Kelly sagde ...

What you say about covers is true. There have even been times I've looked at one while immersed in the novel and wondered where on earth they came up with the idea for the cover art!

Sorry about the cold. That can be miserable.

Belle Wong sagde ...

I find cozy reads to be such a comfort when I'm not feeling that well. Actually (unless it's an Agatha Christie) I think that's usually when I do read a cozy mystery! Glad you're feeling better.

Beth F sagde ...

Ugh on the headache, I assume all is okay now.

I love cozies and the Cotswolds, so this series would be perfect for me.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: it HAS been miserable. Today it seems to be better.

Belle: they are very suitable for bad days. I wish I had also had one for yesterday.

Beth: struggling to get over a cold. Yuck. I think the series would suit you, and on a good day I would probably have enjoyed this volume even more. I had problems concentrating on the plot.