torsdag den 19. august 2010

My Life According to Crime Fiction 2010

Do you remember this funny meme from last year?

I saw the 2010 version of this game on Bernadette´s blog the other day – and of course I couldn´t resist. I have cheated just a tiny bit as I have not finished reading Red Leaves yet.

In high school I was: Found Wanting (Robert Goddard)

People might be surprised I’m: Sworn to Silence (Linda Castillo)

I will never be: Nearly Dead Man (Åke Edwardson, my translation)

My fantasy job is: Faceless Killers (Henning Mankell)

At the end of a long day I need: The Reunion (Simone van der Vlugt)

I hate it when: Red Leaves (Thomas H. Cook)

Wish I had: Resolution (Denise Mina)

My family reunions are: A Darker Domain (Val McDermid)

At a party you’d find me with: The Suitcase Boy (Kaaberbøl & Friis)

I’ve never been to: The Orchestra Pit (Unni Lindell; my translation)

A happy day includes: One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson)

Motto I live by: Never Go Back (Robert Goddard)

On my bucket list: Awakening (S.J. Bolton)

In my next life, I want to be: Misterioso (Arne Dahl)


Want to play? – of course you do.
And remember to come back with a link to your funny, tragic, terrible answers.

See Kelly´s hilarious post.

13 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, this is absolutely *wonderful!* I love your answers, especially your response about your family reunions. Oh, hysterical!! I'm simply going to have to play this game...

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: most of them were easy so I didn´t spend too much time on it. I am looking forward to your answers!

Kelly sagde ...

What a fun concept! I'll have to look back and see if this is possible with what I've read so far this year. It's been a slow year for me and I'm not the most prolific reader as it is.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: I am such a sucker for memes that are fun. And I *do* hope people don´t relate them to my real life. I have a wonderful family, and my life is so boring I have to invent murders to get some fun. LOL

Bernadette sagde ...

Glad you joined in Dorte and I promise not to tell your family what you wrote about them if you do the same for me :)

Heather sagde ...

What a great idea. Love your answers. I hadn't come across this previously.

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

Nice list, Dorte.

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: deal!

Heather: I have several friends who like having a bit of fun.

Patti: thanks.

Kelly sagde ...

Here's my entry!

Thanks, this was fun!

Cathy sagde ...

Loved your answers-- particularly the one about family reunions.

Dorte H sagde ...

Cathy: it seems that ´family reunions´ appeal to people´s imaginations - or perhaps it is just the books we read?

Beth F sagde ...

What fun. Love your party answer and family reunion answer. I really should give this one a try.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth: I hope you will!