fredag den 5. marts 2010

Tea for Ten (II)

This story is now for sale: DJ´s Daim Stories: Candied Crime.


4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, brava!!! Well-done! This is a wonderful short story, with surprises, humor and a good, old-fashioned crime plot. I hope you'll collect these wonderful short stories of yours and get them published. I want a copy!

Sandra sagde ...

I must have missed part one. I didn't get it until I got to the gardener's name,Rooibos, and then I started laughing. Well done Dorte.

Kelly sagde ...

This was wonderful!! The tea theme made it all the more fun.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: it took me embarrasingly long time to write it. It was a monthly writing exercise on my writers´ blog, and my brain procrastinated for weeks!

Perhaps I should collect a Christmas calendar with 24 stories one day?

Sandra: I can see part two must have been confusing. I am glad you found the beginning.

Kelly: thank you. I love adding a British touch to my funny stories so I knew immediately that my products would have to be tea.