lørdag den 13. marts 2010

Crime Case Round Seven

Wanted: The Bedford police are very eager to get in touch with Ms Daisy Oates of Reading. Ms Oates is in her mid-thirties, 160 cm tall, normal weight, and she has short, dark blonde hair. She was last seen near Gatwick.

DC Tim Kinberg has spoken with Robert Browne who is a tall, well-built soldier. Even in his current state of shock and despondency he seems to be a kind and pleasant young man. After some hesitation he reveals that he had a short fling with Daisy before he met Marie. “Daisy was just ... Well, I am afraid this doesn´t sound so good, but after I had seen Marie I couldn´t ... I couldn´t get her out of my mind again.”

Kinberg asks Robert if Daisy strikes him as a jealous type. He explains that the police have not been able to find Daisy since Marie´s death. “Do you think Daisy thought what you were having together was a serious relationship?”

Robert seems shaken by this information. He admits that Daisy wasn´t very willing to let him go. She has tried to arrange a meeting with him for weeks, and he confesses that he fears she might be pregnant. “I am not sure, but she said something about new responsibilities... Oh, I am so confused. But she can´t have ... She really loved her sister!”

“A final questions, Robert. Did Marie or Daisy own a white pair of Reebok trainers?”

“Trainers? Running shoes? Not Marie, certainly, unless they come with high heels.”

Tomorrow: last round – so what do you want to ask?

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Kelly sagde ...

Today's information pretty much implicates Daisy in the murder, in my opinion. (and isn't it very often a family member in the real world?)

I would check the records of all flights leaving Gatwick on Monday afternoon for Daisy's name. Maybe a court order could be obtained to enter Daisy's flat.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Aha! I *knew* that there was more to this Daisy person than we thought at first. If I remember correctly, the shoes are ladies' shoes, so they couldn't be Robert's. I'm not sure if Daisy is the killer, but I certainly want to know what she has to say. Also, is someone interviewing the other models at the agency? There were rumors that they didn't get along well with Marie. If one of them has those white Reeboks, Daisy could be a "red herring."

Poly sagde ...

There is NO Way; he could NOT have known the gun was missing!
Gee, I am gone a few days and the story is almost finished! You are fast Dorte.

What size of shoes does Daisy wear? Ask the mother!
Having read the info and comment, I think I know who the killer is! I believe Robert and Daisy had a plot. Both of them were in touch with Maria the same day. Besides Robert is a solder. There is NO Way; he could NOT have known the gun was missing! A soldier with weapon must follow these rules: Rule #1: Always know where your weapon is all time. Rule #2: You must clean your weapon regular even if you are not using it.
Unless,- Daisy when to see her sister and saw (and knew!) who killed Maria.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: you are right; the very first thing I told my students was to keep an eye on the family!

Margot: yes she could, and you will have to read my Sunday post to find out if she was.

Poly: you have a good point about Robert. I hope my Sunday post will satisfy your curiosity.

Bente Pedersen sagde ...

Hey Margot! Could you please tell me what a red heering is? If I translate it to danish, it gives a funny suggestion... I like to eat herrings, but what is it in a crime story? A false link? And why do you call it a red herring?

I think we certainly have to find the sister. If she is pregnant she certainly has a good motive !

Dorte H sagde ...

Bente: as you have almost guessed, a red herring is a false scent (et vildspor). Don´t know why it is called that, but it is an old expression (known from Lord Peter Wimsey e.g.).

Bente Pedersen sagde ...

Thank you for the explanation Dorte!