torsdag den 11. marts 2010

Crime Case Round Five

First the flat: DC R.T. Jury reports that semen, hair and skin from the bed come from Robert. This corresponds with Robert´s statement about their weekend activities. He sticks to his explanation about the gun: he has not seen it since he came back from Afghanistan. He may have shown it to a friend or two around that time.

DC Patti Witter reports that the windows are not broken, but one of them has not been fastened. Though Marie´s cakes have not been eaten, she may have had a visitor as there are apparently two sets of footprints on top of Robert´s.

Marie´s mother has not been able to help much. She is shocked and DC Tim Kinberg has tried to get in touch with the sister Daisy because he feels Mrs Oates should not be left alone, but Daisy is nowhere to be found.

Preliminary results from the post-mortem: suicide has not been ruled out yet, but as the bullet passed through Marie´s left arm before it penetrated her chest, it is unlikely.

DC Kelly Adams who is in charge of the door-to-door complains that it has not given much yet as most of the neighbours were still at work during the incident. A woman in her thirties may have passed the house during the relevant period of time, but she could also have entered the block of flats. The description of the short-haired woman is vague, but “she was certainly not a model.”

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Dorte H sagde ...

Oops - this was tomorrow´s post.

Well, now it is there - I hope the new round of answers will be helpful.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Do we know (or did I perhaps forget?) whether Marie and Daisy are close? If they were, then possibly Marie spoke to her before her murder. It's worth some department resources to search for Daisy. It's even possible that she knows enough about the crime that she could be in danger. After all, Daisy called her shortly before the murder; she might know something. If she and Marie did not get along, she may have a motive for murder. Either way, finding her would seem very important.

Also, what's the apparent sex of the person who left those other footprints?

Kelly sagde ...

Perhaps we should we check into her financial records. Was she in serious debt?

Did she have any problems with drugs or alcohol (that anyone was aware of)?

You've promised more later about the gun... such as whether the bullet/casing retreived from the body/crime scene matched the gun registered to Robert.

Bente Pedersen sagde ...

I would like somebody to find out something about her last jobs as a model. Where? Together with whom ?

And the other footprints! Size? Male/female footprints?

And I agree it´s important finding the sister as soon as possible.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, all!

The folks at the lab are working frantically!