tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

Crime Case round two.

The police ring the bell and pound on the door of Marie Oates´ flat. They get no reaction and there is no sound from the flat.

They talk to Sally Smith who was taking a nap when she heard what she believed was a gun shot. She says she might have heard a body falling, but she is not at all certain. She did not try to get in touch with Marie Oates as she was scared. “Perhaps it was one of all her male friends. They run in and out of her flat all the time.” She denies having heard anything at all after the shot that woke her up.

Mrs Doreen Clarke who lives in the flat opposite Marie Oates´ confirms that she has heard something from young Marie´s flat. “It could be shots, I don´t really know, but it was definitely from her flat. But the door didn´t ... Wait a second, I think I heard the door of her flat before the shots – or whatever it was.” Mrs Clarke does not know the name of Marie´s boyfriend, “but he is a very nice and polite soldier.”

The police check the backyard. Nothing of interest, but one of Ms Oates´ first floor windows seems not to be closed properly. They discuss what to do next, but as Bedford is a very sleepy little town they are not at all sure it can have been gun shots.

So where do you go from here?

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Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Since her boyfriend is a soldier, perhaps find out if there is a military base nearby and interview him. Also find out if her other friends are soliders. Talk to anyone at the base who might know Marie Oates.

Tim sagde ...

We need to see inside Ms Oates' flat. Does anyone have a spare key? Can we see anything through the window? Can we hear anything?

We should probably also check the window for fingerprints, bootprints etc

I do hope she's not lying injured in there ....

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Has anyone thought to check the flat? Is anyone lying injured/dead in there?
Does anyone know anything more about the boyfriend?
Are there any security cameras in the area that might show something?

I love this idea Dorte, it's such fun.

pattinase (abbott) sagde ...

Why don't they go into the flat? Certainly two people hearing a shot is enough reason. I don't think you can move forward until they find a body or signs of foul play.

Kelly sagde ...

Who is the landlord? They should have access to the flat. Finding out whether Ms. Oates is still in the apartment, possibly dead or injured should be first and foremost.

If she's found dead or missing, the next step might be to contact her workplace. Has she seemed distracted? Received any unusual or upsetting phonecalls? Had any visitors to her workplace?

Dorte H sagde ...

Great questions! And of course I was waiting for the crucial one: what do they find inside the flat :D

I have written tomorrow´s post, but I am looking forward to your contributions tomorrow!

Bente Pedersen sagde ...

I`m looking forward to a view in the flat. And next I would surgest to follow up on her friend, the soldier. Perhaps somebody has been in the backyard and seen/heard something unusual there.