lørdag den 2. januar 2010

What´s in a Name Challenge + Award

What´s in a Name Challenge:

Here is my preliminary list for my second (or actually first) 2010 challenge, hosted by Beth here:

1. Food: Pierre Magnan, Death in The Truffle Wood. (reviewed February 12th)

2. Body of water: Paul Cleave, Cemetery Lake – New Zealand. [buy later]

3. A title: Colin Cotterill, The Coroner´s Lunch (TBR)

4. A plant: Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose or Margie Orford, Blood Rose – S. Africa.

5. Place name: Matt B Rees, The Bethlehem Murders (reviewed Jan 18)

6. Music term: Ian Rankin, Exit Music (TBR)

When I came up with my global reading challenge, I made a few changes to this list. Paul Cleave,“Cemetery Lake” will do splendidly for both challenges, and I also plan to use Matt Rees, “The Bethlehem Murders” for them both. If I buy Margie Orford´s novel, I can do the same. It sounds very exciting, I have just not found it at the right price yet.

New Year´s Honours List
I have received a very special honour from ´Petty Witter´, one of her 2010 PAPAs (Pen and Paper Award):

The PAPA for Contribution to Literature.

Am I proud? You bet!

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Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Congratulations on your richly-deserved award!! And thanks for updating us on the books you chose. It sounds like you made excellent selections : ).

Anita sagde ...


Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: thank you.
It was difficult to decide; there were so many interesting titles to pick and choose among! And I really think I will have to buy that South African one (I have a giftcard from my mother).

Anita: tak skal du have, og godt nytår!

Beth F sagde ...

Congratulations on your great award!

And wow! I love your book selections. I really have to start making my own list. Only one more day off and my life will be back to normal.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth: thank you!

I am looking forward to reading these books. In fact I almost wish I had to read two or three for each category as my readers had so many interesting suggestions :D

So you can see, you will just have to continue the challenge next year.

Anonym sagde ...

Congrats on your award! I am working on my What's in a Name challenge list right now and it's cool to jump over here and see your choices. Happy 2010

Dorte H sagde ...

Care: thank you.

I don´t know yet, of course, but I think ´my books´ sound terrific! I am watching out for the postwoman every day as three of them are on their way from UK.

I hope you´ll also get some great reading experiences.

Jose Ignacio Escribano sagde ...

Congratulations on your Pen and Paper Award Dorte and thank you very much for sharing your lists. It certainly sounds we have a great year of reading experiences ahead of us.

Kerrie sagde ...

Well done on the new award Dorte. I am ignoring the "challenge" inviting though it sounds - I feel as if I am doing too many already. Thank goodness some overlap in their criteria. There are lots of lovely chllanges around aren't there - for those of us who have a competitive streak - even if we are really only competing with ourselves.

Sherrie sagde ...

Hi Dorte,
Congrats on your award and welcome to the world of reading challenges. They are very addictive. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!

Just Books

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...


Ooh..you've picked some goodies for reads, I think.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Hi Dorte, some wonderful choices there. I have heard an awful lot about the Cemetry Lake so look forward to reading your views on it. Good luck with this challenge.

Dorte H sagde ...

Jose: thank you. I may not be good on New Year´s resolutions, but I am good at planning and looking forward to good reading experiences! And I have just ordered Leonardo Paduro´s debut, though I am probably not going to use it for any of my challenges.

Thank you, Sherrie. I tried two challenges last year, but What´s in a Name and the global one are probably better for my taste.

Elizabeth: yes, don´t they look really tempting?

Petty Witter: I have not ordered Cemetery Lake yet, but I will as soon as I can get it at a reasonable price via Abebooks (there you can get a discount on the shipping if you order more books from the same seller. And shipping costs me quite a lot per year).

Ryan S. sagde ...

Hi Dorte, Congrats on your award! It is well deserved.

You've picked some really great books. For your "plant" pick, I would definitely recommend the Eco book! It takes a while to get through, but it's totally worth it in the end!

Dorte H sagde ...

Ryan: thank you!

I do intend to read Umberto Eco one day, but I still plan to buy the African book for my challenges as I can use it for them both. And I can borrow Eco´s book from the library in a holiday or whenever I have time to fit it in.