lørdag den 16. april 2011


A few Easter holidays to look forward to so what are my plans? (Apart from all our wonderful family hullabaloo which comes first and tends to swallow most of my time and energy anyway).

Well, as soon as I have marked 25 essays, my first priority is sending queries off to a few literary agents (eh, first priority does not necessarily mean I will get it done first, only that I know I should). They are all based in the USA, as this seems to be the best place for cosy mysteries.

Second, I hope I will be able to work on my historical novel, "Crystal Nights" for a couple of days. I have edited/translated less than 8,000 words so the first draft is not exactly round the corner, but hopefully some time this year...

Third, I expect I will be ready to publish "Liquorice Twists" in May or June (a collection of twenty flash fiction stories, darker than "Candied Crime", but hardly nightmare material though).

As my somewhat haphazard publication of "Candied Crime" has proved, my amazingly loyal blog friends are so much better at getting my stuff out there than I am, so I think a regular blog tour would be an excellent idea (in other words, invitations will be very much appreciated).

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Please, please guest blog on Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...! I just know that blogger would love to host you.

Karen Russell sagde ...

Pick me! Pick me!!

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: I knew I could count on your hospitality.

Karen: with great pleasure! I´ll be in touch with you when I have a more definite plan.

Kelly sagde ...

Sounds like a plan, and a good one at that!

You'd certainly be welcome to be a guest at my blog, but I'm not exactly a book blog and don't know how many of my (few) readers are book people.

You CAN count on me to purchase Liquorice Twists when it's available.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: I´d be delighted to visit your blog. And as I imagine it may be a good thing to write about a variety of subjects, I could try to show other sides of myself.