tirsdag den 19. april 2011

Two-Sentence Tuesday

Two-sentence Tuesday is hosted by Women of Mystery

Today I will share a teaser with you from my current read, a classical crime-cum-romance story (or vice versa):

"There was not much in it; neither gold nor gems; only a baby´s little worsted shoe rolled up in a piece of paper, and a tiny lock of pale and silky yellow hair, evidently taken from a baby´s head."

Not bad, eh?

And a couple of sentences from my own work "Crystal Night" - back to school in the company of Niels:

Niels glanced at the empty chair next to him, wondering when the history lesson would end.  If only Mr Petersen would allow them to talk about the American space programme and the astronauts of the Cape Kennedy base instead of German history.

12 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Both of those teasers are intriguing! You always choose sentences that really whet one's appetite for the work itself :-)

gautami tripathy sagde ...

These teaser makes me want to check out this book!! How does it matter if I have 100 miles long tbr pile?!!


Here is my Teaser Tuesday: Wrecker by Summer Wood post!

Harvee sagde ...

DJ: didn't know that you wrote! Very nice!

Book Dilettante

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

I've said it before ...... I love this Tuesday Teaser theme, the only complaint being I'm always left wanting to know more.

Unknown sagde ...

I finished Candied Crime yesterday and left reviews on Goodreads and Smashwords.

Laura K. Curtis sagde ...

I love the sentences you wrote! And the ones you chose...where are they from?

Clare2e sagde ...

I do like baby hair and astronauts--my lucky day!

Kelly sagde ...

I'm with Tracy... the only problem with the teasers is that I always want to know more! I guess that's the purpose!

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: teasing is something I do very well ;)

Gautami: why should YOUR TBR be smaller than anyone elses? ;)

Harvee: I do - when I can stay away from life´s other temptations ;)

Tracy: I won´t worry until my readers think they have heard enough ;)

Dorte H sagde ...

Clarissa: you are a terrific blog friend! Thanks a lot!

Laura: they are from Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley´s Secret (1862) - a free Gutenberg e-book.

Clare: and me too - to find a reader who cannot resist that juxtaposition ;)

Kelly: yes, I´d say that is the purpose. But at least the old classic is free ;)

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Great teasers, Dorte! Thanks for sharing. :)

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth: you are welcome.