lørdag den 13. februar 2010

Gies some Scotch

Donna very kindly sent me an ARC, and of course I could not wait to get my teeth into it, but as this book is not out in the shops until June, there is no need to post a review yet.

So just a wee drop of Donna´s jolly old dog trot (as long as you can pronounce that, you have surely not had too much)

“The Contessa picked an invisible speck of dust off her suit – Sheehan recognized the type, if not the actual designer – some flamboyant old queen who specialized in designing ill-fitting clothes for frumpy old royals which made them look as though they had been upholstered rather than dressed.”

Donna Moore, Old Dogs (2010)

And if you can´t wait for more fun, you could buy Donna´s debut, Go to Helena Handbasket, or visit her blog, Big Beat from Badsville.

7 kommentarer:

Beth F sagde ...

Oh gosh -- a new series? You know how I love them.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, I *am* excited! I am definitely going to get this one : ). Thanks for the tidbit : ).

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth, I am not sure it is a series, but it is a really funny caper.

Margot: I promise to review it later when it is on its way into the shops.

Kelly sagde ...

"Go to Helena Handbasket" sounds hilarious! Again, reviews at Amazon were mixed, but it looks like one I'd enjoy. Considering even the paperback is pricy on this side of the Atlantic, I'll hold off on it.

Are you familiar with Joan Hess? She writes two mystery series (the Maggody books and the Claire Malloy books) that are filled with irreverent humor, especially the Maggody series. They often make me laugh out loud, much as the Stephanie Plum books do.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: Donna´s books are really funny, and many of her blog posts are just hilarious.

Thank you for recommending Joan Hess. I will put her on my list.

Maxine Clarke sagde ...

I'm looking forward to this book, after enjoying "Helena Handbasket" so much. Thanks for the taster!

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine: I think it is different from Helena Handbasket in some ways (but perhaps that is just because I don´t remember it clearly), but the main characters are certainly funny and memorable!