tirsdag den 24. november 2009

H for Hall

For this week´s
ABC-meme I have decided to revisit M.R. Hall, The Coroner (2009).

When Jenny was eleven, she saw her first dead body.

“The first dead body Jenny ever saw was her grandfather´s. She had watched her grandmother, sobbing into a folded handkerchief, draw the lids down over his empty eyes and then, as her mother reached out to comfort her, sharply push the proffered hand away. It was a reaction she could never forget: accusatory, vicious and utterly instinctive.”

It is not her last, however, because many years later she is appointed coroner. An important step forward for a woman who has just gone through a divorce and a breakdown, and who is still dependent on tranquillizers.

Are you curious? And would you like to know why I gave this British debut five stars in March? Then visit my first post about The Coroner.

See Maxine´s review (which made me so curious I couldn´t wait to read the book).

M.R. Hall´s second novel about Jenny Cooper, The Disappeared, is well on its way and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

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Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Thanks for reminding us of your review and of The Coroner. I admit I haven't read Hall's work, but your review makes me want to : ). I like the prose style, even from the little "teaser" you included.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: I think it is a fabulous psychological thriller, especially the description of the main character and all her problems.

Kerrie sagde ...

This is well done Dorte. And many thanks for taking part in Crime Fiction Alphabet. THE CORONER is till on my list to be read.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Kerrie. Your meme is a pleasure, especially because it is crime-related and because I already know the participants.

I think The Coroner is fascinating, and I hope you are also going to like it.

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

"The Coroner" is another one to add to my list! I haven't read a psychological thriller for a while, and it sounds interesting.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth: it is one of my favourite finds of this year. Dark, because of the main character´s mind, but quite compelling once I got into it.

gautami tripathy sagde ...

I am adding this to my wish list!

Here is my Crime Fiction Alphabet: H post!

Dorte H sagde ...

Gautami: Great! I was really impressed by this debut.