fredag den 25. september 2009

Impending Louise Penny

As I warned you beforehand, I am not ready for a review today, but of course you deserve the solution to Wednesday´s Bait in the Box.

The book in question is Louise Penny, Still Life, the author´s debut from 2005, and the first in the Armand Gamache series.

Tomorrow´s post: there may be news about The Red Shoes.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

I *love* Louise Penny! And I love that particular book of hers. I haven't read the new one yet...but I'm excited about it.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth: yes, I think it is really good. I just haven´t had much reading time this week. Well, of course I could have read instead of trying to write, but I am not going to make excuses for that ;)