mandag den 20. april 2009

Monday´s Morsel

[Desværre, denne bog er heller ikke oversat. Men jeg lover at den næste, som også skal være ugens Gæt en Bog, er tilgængelig på dansk – også fra biblioteket]

Like many other bloggers have tried before me, I have suddenly been struck by real life, and find that I don´t have time to read a book a day and blog about it as well right now.

So what you see is what you get (today):

“The child flung his tricycle aside and toddled, laughing, towards the basking cat. The creature, sensing the impending assault on her dignity, stalked off with her tail disdainfully erect. She squeezed herself through the bars of the garden gate and headed towards some warm and inaccessible hiding place.

The child began to follow gleefully, but the wooden gate was shut fast, secured against his escape into the lane. He pressed his face against the bars of the gate and watched the cat stop to paw a butterfly, then disappear elegantly into the thick hedgerow opposite.

Then a great purring thing, a shiny black bulk, blocked his view of the lane as it stopped by the gate. The car door opened slowly and the driver climbed out, all the time watching the child, who stood and stared, mesmerized by the sight of the stranger. The driver opened the gate and, after looking round, stooped down to the child´s level, offering a hand that held something brightly coloured and desirable.”

Do you like the language and the perspective? So did I.
Do you want to hear more? So did I. This is an appetizer for an upcoming review of my latest find, Kate Ellis, The Merchant´s House. Buy it, read it, or wait to hear what I think about the rest.

I think Cathy, Kittling: Books, was the first blogger to recommend Kate Ellis to me, and I have learned a lot about the author on Martin Edwards´ blog.

And the photo? - my own, taken here in Thy yesterday. It is far from good enough to call it a "Beth Fish", but if you know her blog and her Wordless Wednesdays, you will realize who inspired me.

11 kommentarer:

Unknown sagde ...

I know what you mean with the life catching up to us and not having time to read a book a day. I have been slacking with posting, I only have enough time to read the ARC for reviews.
I love the picture though, it's fun!

Anonym sagde ...

Real life has been kicking my butt lately, and I don't really see it getting much better until after May 14 (my last final). It's a marathon to the end.

Dorte H sagde ...

Lilly: thank you for your support. Your blog is one of those which I think I comment on far to rarely, but I do visit you a couple of times a week. And I am glad you like the picture. As I wrote, I have been inspired by Beth Fish´s wonderful shots. I am not nearly as good as her, but I am trying to learn to see the good photo opportunity.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kim, I knew you would understand. And I also remember periods when exams controlled my life. Good luck to you!

bookwitch sagde ...

Yes, join the world of blogging. It's read or write, not both, a lot of the time.

Dorte H sagde ...

Bookwitch; is that supposed to be a help? Telling ME that I´ll have to put up with the world of everybody else? ;)

Beth F sagde ...

Don't be ridiculous. I love that photo!! And yes, I would have loved to have taken it. Super!! I'm not expert by any means, I just try to look for the details as well as the big picture. I find some of the best photos are noticing neat things like this brick pattern.

And I liked the writing too. It's a series I haven't read yet, but between you and Cathy, I may have to seek these books out.

Dorte H sagde ...

Oh, Beth. Imagine, that I should enjoy someone calling me ridiculous :D - I like your comments; they are often memorable.

I also like the photo, but after having cut the superfluous bits away, I wish I could have removed the shadow also. And that is what is foolish; as far as I remember, I could have found a similar detail in full sun. Well, we live and learn.

Anonym sagde ...


Cathy sagde ...

When I saw the photo, Beth was the first person I thought of. It sounds as if my recommendation of Ellis went well. I'm glad!

Dorte H sagde ...

Cathy, that was a compliment!
And whom do you think I thought of, when I saw the building?

I had planned to review Ellis tomorrow, but I won´t make it. 180 pages to go, and it is not as if I have nothing else to do (unfortunately).