tirsdag den 3. februar 2009

A Post about Passion in Parcels

[Bingo post 3] A blog post of few words - and it is certainly crime-related. Enjoy the silence while I am reading.

Et blog-indlæg i få ord. Nogle gæster vil sikkert mene det er på tide med denne form for blog-improvement :)

2 kommentarer:

Julia Phillips Smith sagde ...

LOL! I'm waiting for a book to arrive in the mail, too. *tapping finger impatiently*

I'll post my photos of tins this Friday, Dorte H. I'd better go dust them off.

Dorte H sagde ...

Don´t worry, Julia. Unless it is a close-up of a detail, the dust is not visible :)
And this is something I know for a fact.