onsdag den 25. februar 2009

DJ's Bait in the Box # 6

This week´s beautiful tin belongs to Cathy, Kittling: Books

This British crime novel is far from the first in a series.

"They were standing on a canal bank close to dawn watching two barges smolder. Not usually the sort of job for a detective chief inspector ..., especially so early on a Friday morning, but as soon as it had been safe enough for the firefighters to board the barges, they had done so and found one body on each."

The rules:
If you recognize the quotation, or if you think you are able to guess who wrote it, please post a comment. Just leave a hint, do not spoil the fun by giving too much away.

Gæt en bog # 6
Denne britisk krimi er langt fra den første i en serie.

"De stod på bredden af en kanal kort før daggry og iagttog to pramme, der lå og ulmede. Det var normalt ikke arbejde for en chefkriminalinspektør ..., særligt ikke så tidligt en fredag morgen, men så snart det havde været sikkert for brandfolkene at entre prammene, havde de gjort det og havde fundet et lig på hver af dem."

Hvis du kan genkende citatet, eller hvis du tror du kan gætte hvem forfatteren er, så læg venligst en kommentar. Skriv bare et hint til nye besøgende, lad være med at ødelægge fornøjelsen for andre.

12 kommentarer:

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

This is so familiar but I can't place it.

Dorte H sagde ...

It should be familiar - you know the author, if not the book :)

Lenore Appelhans sagde ...

Thanks for visiting! If you looked really closely at the books on my shelf, you might have seen a Danish/English dictionary :) I know, odd thing to have, but I've always loved Denmark.

Anonym sagde ...

At first I thought it might be an earlier book by an expat. This particular novel had as its title a very English game, and the barge element featured a strange kind of "terrorist" crime.
But because of the "two" I think this is not it. My only other guess would be the debut novel of a very attractive British author, who has written two books about a police detective (the excerpt is from the debut novel), then wrote two rather different novels, one with a far Eastern, historical theme, and has recently returned to the same main character but with a more watery theme.

I am probably wrong thoug, as I have no evidence that U. R. has read or knows about these books.

Dorte H sagde ...

Also nice to meet you here, Lenore. I will be back & scrutinize your shelves :)
Maxine, I think your first instinct was right, but wrong title. (Part of) a word from the bait is part of the title.

For Danish readers: expatriate = en som er flyttet til udlandet.

WhereDunnit sagde ...

It's an ex-pat author a long way now from Yorkshire, whose detective might have got his fingers burned in this one......

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

I think I've read it and if I am right about the series there is a misspelled connection with Bristol.

Beth F sagde ...

Darn. I can't place this, but seems familiar. I think I'm going to have to wait for the review.

Dorte H sagde ...

Great clues, Steph (WhereDunnit).
Norman, I admit that now I am the one who is puzzled.

Anonym sagde ...

Fantastic concept, although got it pretty much in one. Do wish the detective protagonist would be more sensible with his cars - driving a Ford Cortina into the 21st century was absurd, and I remain to be convinced by him replacing it with a Porsche 911.

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

The detective's partner's name has a connection with Bristol, and exploration.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thanks, southlondonbook.
Some of them are easy, others less so (and as a Danish crime nerd I don´t always know which ones are the easy ones).
Fine clues, and now I also got it, Norman. So sometimes I am the one who learns :)