søndag den 8. maj 2011

Liquorice Twists - Launch Party

Cover art: Elisabeth & Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen.

Today is the official launch day of my 
second volume of Daim Stories, Liquorice Twists
Please share a virtual glass of champagne with me, dear readers! 

Contrary to my happy-go-lucky launch of "Candied Crime" in February, I have done my best to create a suitable cover (assisted by my youngest who is deft at making those slipknots), test the content and the technical aspects of the book beforehand and plan a few guest blog posts.

I have selected twenty flash fiction stories for you this time, only half as funny but definitely twice as chilling as volume I, and ten of them have never been published on my blog. According to one of my beta-readers they are ´nasty in a good way´. So now there is nothing for it but to send my tiny stories out in the world to fend for themselves.

The first stops on my blog tour will be tomorrow on Margot´s delicious blog, Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.

May competition (world wide)
A launch surely calls for a competition. Buy "Liquorice Twists" and answer three simple questions. Send the answers to do.hu.ja (at) mail.tele.dk before the end of May, and two of you will win an Amazon voucher (£ 5 or $ 8).

a) what is the name of the baby in story no 8, "A Question of Perspective"?
b) which car brand is mentioned in story no 11, "Swept Away"?
c) what is the name of the main character of story no 18, "In the Dark"?


And if you are in the mood for more suspense, you can read my short story "Heather Farm" for free during the launch period (May and June). Plenty of love, ghosts and countryside atmosphere. Enter the coupon code EP59D - and if you like the story, please make my day by spreading the word to your friends.

11 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - Congratulations on your launch!! I am so happy for you, and so excited that you'll be visiting Confessions of a Mystery Novelist tomorrow :-). What an honour!

Unknown sagde ...

Yay! I'm going to buy it and start reading it this afternoon.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Margot! See you tomorrow!

Clarissa: oh, that is candy for my ears :D

Kelly sagde ...

Here's a toast to you!! It will be residing in my Kindle before the day is over.

Vanda Symon sagde ...

Congratulations Dorte. You look lovely in your launch dress! A toast to your success.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: arh, you are so kind!

Vanda: thank you. The last time I came home from a birthday party I remembered to ask my daughter to take a picture - so I could look just as good as you did for your launch :)

Beth F sagde ...


Cathryn Grant sagde ...

Congratulations! (I'm sorry I missed the official launch day, we were celebrating mothers' day in the US and I took the day off).

I love that cover!

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Beth.

Cathryn: it was also mother´s day here, but I sent her an e-flower ;)

Louise sagde ...

Tillykke! Jeg vil glæde mig til at læse din novelle (og måske også hele samlingen afhængig af smagsprøven, som helt sikkert er god :) )

Dorte H sagde ...

Tusind tak, Louise. Det er så dejligt også at have en dansk læser eller to. Det er ikke så let at lokke danskere til at købe noget der hedder e-bøger :)