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Psycho Therapy

This story is a birthday present for Donna Moore.

I wish you a happy, happy birthday, Donna!

The lines are from Ramones, Psycho Therapy.

I am a teenage schizoid
I am a teenage dope fiend
I am a kid in the nuthouse
I am a kid in the psycho zone

She hummed the well-known words, the music sizzling through her ears making her oblivious even to the cold Glasgow drizzle.

”Hey! You!”
She heard heavy steps echoing behind her on the wet flagstones. Why had she left the bus in a shitty street like this? Life had taught her to run first and ask later so she sprinted up the pavement towards the block of flats where all her friends were partying.

For a few moments she really thought she would be able to get to the door before the old perv behind her, but he seemed to be in good shape, and perhaps she´d had one shot too many before she set out.

When she realized he was gaining in on her, she jumped into an alley thinking she could escape that way. She changed her direction so fast that she skidded on the slippery asphalt, and when her hand hit the rough cobblestone, she clutched it, deciding it was time to give one of those bastards a mean surprise.

With a stick-thin jeans-leg, she tripped him up, grabbed his hair and pulled his head backwards in one swift movement. She bashed the stone into his cheekbone, feeling elevated by the crunching sound. He´d be so damn sorry he had picked the wrong victim. An adrenaline rush surged through her wiry body.

I like takin' Tuinal
It keeps me edgy and mean
I am a teenage schizoid
I am a teenage dope fiend

He moaned helplessly, trying to protect his head with his arms. Exhilarated by her success, she raised her heavy Doc Martens which were deceptively pink and aimed for his temple.

”You dropped your bus c...,” he gasped before she kicked his teeth in. She didn´t need the stone anymore, her boots were enough. She´d fucking teach him.

A plastic card with her name and photo fluttered to the ground next to him.

I am a teenage schizoid
Pranks and muggings are fun
Psycho Therapy
Gonna kill someone

NB: Donna dishes up plenty of brilliant Ramones stories today, but my favourite is her own "Weasel Face". That´s my kind of twist.

16 kommentarer:

Bernadette sagde ...

That should get her out of her sick bed. Or she just might be ornery enough to stay there and demand "more, more"

Donna sagde ...

Brilliant! Great boots, and set in Glasgow, too. Love it Dorte, thank you!

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Wow! Chilling, Dorte! Well written and I love the unusual perpetrator!

Beth F sagde ...

Whoa! Good one! And those are some pink boots.

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - What a wonderful story!!!! I love it! The pace, the action, the protagonist, the twist at the end, all of them are brilliant!

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Genius - I love it Dorte especially the twist in the tale. Just one thing though, I wasn't able to access the link to Donna.

Sean Patrick Reardon sagde ...

Cool story. The image of those boots kicking someone's teeth in was awesome. Great job!

Kelly sagde ...

Wow! This story really packed a punch!! (pun intended, sorry if you're groaning)

Seriously, this is very good! Those are some boots, too. Wonder if they come in other colors?

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: I am sure she is shouting "Moore, Moore" or is it "Encore" ;D

Donna: well, I hope it is has a few similarities with "your" Glasgow which I have never seen, and I knew you´d like those boots.

Elizabeth: noir is not my usual style, but we must try to give our readers what they want.

Beth: the boots had to be in - I don´t think I can ´do noir´ without humour.

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: well, I got a bit of help from a beta reader.

Tracy: thanks for telling me about the link. It should be okay now. Donna writes the most fantastic stories.

Sean: thank you! Noir is not my style at all, and I had never heard about Ramones before I found Donna´s blog, but who wouldn´t do anything to give Donna a nice birthday surprise?

Kelly: they do, but perhaps not in a psychedelic rainbow version. You must keep an eye on Donna´s blog, though. She loves her boots & shoes :D

Cathryn Grant sagde ...

Thanks for your twist on Psycho Therapy. And I do love those boots!

Dorte H sagde ...

Cathryn: I am quite satisfied with the twist NOW. But you were quite right about the POW.

Unknown sagde ...

Wow, that went so differently than how I expected it would. Great job. Creepy.


Dorte H sagde ...

Clarissa: thank you!

Paul D Brazill sagde ...

Very well done. Where's Nancy Sinatra when you need her?

Dorte H sagde ...

Paul: well, at least you got you some nice, pink boots.