lørdag den 10. oktober 2009

Michael Robotham, Drowning Man aka Lost (2005)

[Ikke oversat til dansk]

This thriller is Australian writer Robotham´s second. Again it takes place in London, and the psychologist Joe O´Loughlin features, but this time the main protagonist is DI Vincent Ruiz (second fiddle in the first novel).

Robotham succeeds in catching the reader from page one. Vincent Ruiz survives but has lost his memory and has a hard time convincing the police (and some quite insistent criminals) that he is not just pretending.

It seems that the shooting incident is related to a little girl who disappeared three years earlier in what is a variation of a closed room case. Though a paedophile has been imprisoned, Ruiz has never been able to let this case go, especially because there was no body. Is little Mickey really alive, or is this only wishful thinking by Ruiz and her desparate mother? Ánd how important are his own childhood experiences for his involvement in this case?

I did enjoy the story quite a lot, but to be honest I don´t need any more conspiracy-like plots right now. (Robotham, Stieg Larsson, even Louise Penny has a touch of it).

Language: I read Robotham´s debut in Danish, and liked it, but reading him in English is far better!

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Anonym sagde ...

I thoroughly enjoyed Lost, too, Dorte. I found it thoroughly engaging, as you say, right from the start. I understand what you mean about conspiracy plots, though. I stopped reading Robin Cook's Toxin for that reason. It was well-written, but I'd read too many "conspiracy" plots at that point and just didn't want another. Bad timing, I suppose...Maybe I should try it again....

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Usually conspiracy plots tend to confuse me (bad to admit!) This sounds good though...I like the idea of a lost memory. Thanks for the tip, Dorte. I'll put in a request for it and see if I can follow the plotline.

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Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: one cannot always be fair to a book. I know I have just read a rather fine thriller,and I hope my readers can see it was just my concentration, not Robotham´s.

Elizabeth: it is not nearly as complicated as Stieg Larsson´s plots!
I also think loss of memory is a great idea for a plot, and Robotham handles it really well. I also found it interesting that he used Joe O´Loughlin as the main character of the first, DI Vincent Ruiz in the second, and as far as I know a minor character from this story as the protagonist of his third novel.