lørdag den 25. juli 2009

The Visitor I

[Danske læsere kan eventuelt følge med her: Skrive-Bloggen]

Yes, I do know I brought this short writing exercise some time ago. In the meantime I have made it into a real short story, however. Part two will be brought tomorrow, part three on Tuesday, part four on Thursday and the ending on Saturday. Unless I have lost all my readers long before then.


Abruptly she sat up in her bed. A deep voice had forced its way through the dark night into her half-conscious mind. Daddy must have come home!

Emma pattered out on the landing in bare feet, pulling the soft blanket after her like a tail. The floor felt cold under her feet. She watched them through the rails of the banister. They looked really funny in stripes. He was much taller than mommy so she had to lean back her head. “You´ve got a new dress.”

“Silly, you´ll wake up the children,” she whispered, but she didn´t look angry.

Even though it must be in the middle of the night, mommy had not gone to bed yet. She was wearing lipstick, and the new necklace from her birthday. The wrinkles on her forehead had gone. The man put his arms around her and whispered something Emma could not hear. She could only see his hair and the back of his head. She was not sure it was daddy after all.

“Won´t you come in?” Mommy sounded almost like a little girl.

From her perfect little lookout Emma saw him squeezing mommy´s neck. She didn´t really understand why the grown-ups liked that kind of thing. She had tried kissing Simon in the kindergarten, but he had just tasted like a cucumber. She leaned forward to get a better view, and right then she thought she could smell flowers. Mommy was wearing perfume.

Mommy was red in the face, and she did not smile any more. Emma heard her necklace snap, and saw how the light sparkled in the pearls, dancing in the air like a fountain.

She clutched the blanket in her hands and pulled it up to her eyes. Her thumb slid into her mouth while a small puddle formed beneath her feet.

To be continued tomorrow ...

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