torsdag den 23. juli 2009

Antonia Fraser, Oxford Blood (1985)

[Denne krimiserie er ikke oversat til dansk]

Read on my last holiday in Scotland, hence the very short ´review´. This book is the fifth in the British Jemima Shore series.

The famous TV investigator, Jemima Shore, gets involved in a case of two babies (a rich, dead boy and a poor, live one) who have been switched. Twenty years later the nun who switched them is dying. She confesses, and Jemima Shore learns that young Viscount Saffron is probably not who he thinks he is. She also learns that the young nobleman is a spoilt brat.

The book is well written and has a fine plot though the style seems a bit old-fashioned for the eighties. It was a fast and enjoyable read on a rather cold holiday.

2 kommentarer:

Beth F sagde ...

I like Fraser's non-fiction, but I haven't read her fiction.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth, I think you would like this series. It is nothing exceptional, but a few hours´ cosy entertainment I´d say.