søndag den 3. maj 2009

So sorry... Undskyld!

How stupid can one be? I began moderating comments after my spam attack the other day - but didn´t have a clue how it worked. Not until now, that is, when I stumbled upon 15 comments waiting to be accepted.

I won´t post pictures of myself until my cheeks have turned into their normal winter-pale colour again :O

Undskyld mange gange.
Hvor dum kan man være? Jeg besluttede at moderere mine kommentarer den anden dag efter et ubehageligt spam-angreb - uden rigtigt at have fattet, hvordan det virker. Ikke før lige nu, hvor jeg helt tilfældigt faldt over 15 kommentarer, som ventede på at blive godkendt.

Jeg bringer ikke lige billeder af mig selv, før mine kinder har genvundet deres normale, vinterblege farve :O

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

I had an author friend who regularly ended up as spam, so every day for weeks I waded in deep and searched for him, in case he was there. And last week the same fate hit Peter Rozovsky, poor man.

There is a lot of housekeeping that needs doing, behind the scenes. And you Dorte, and a few others who have started blogging in recent months, using blogspot, have something that prevents easy posting of comments for me, who uses Safari. I've learnt how to get round it, but can't work out why it happens to you 'new' bloggers, when people who have blogged for longer don't come with that problem. It's as if something has changed.

Time again to sneak past whatever it is that prevents me from commenting.... ; )

Dorte H sagde ...

Ann, I am sorry that blogspot is a bother to some of you, but my first blog on MyOpera was hopeless. At least many people have a google account. For MyOpera you had to have a profile etc so I got absolutely no comments from non-members, and during the 2-3 months I tried it out, I didn´t get in touch with ONE crime fiction fan (except my uncle, and I knew him already).