onsdag den 13. maj 2009

DJ's Bait in the Box # 17

[The bait box has been borrowed from Politiken.dk]

This week´s crime novel which is a few years old is neither from here nor there.

“She craned her head forward and began grimacing and whining so the toy fell out of her mouth. With some difficulty she found it again and came over to him with it in her hand, raised herself with the aid of the armrest of the settee and stood unsteadily but triumphant next to him.

He took the object from her and looked at it. The girl looked at him in disbelief and started to scream at the top of her voice. He soon realized that he was holding a human bone: a ten centimetres long end piece of a rib.”

The Rules:
If you recognize the quotation, or if you think you are able to guess who wrote it, please post a comment. Just leave a hint, do not spoil the fun by giving too much away. The book will be reviewed on Friday as usual.

Gæt en bog # 17
Denne uges krimi, som er nogle få år gammel, stammer hverken herfra eller derfra.

”Hun strakte hovedet frem og begyndte at lave grimasser og hvinede, så legetøjet faldt ud af munden på hende. Efter lidt besvær fandt hun det igen og kom derefter helt hen til ham med det i hånden, løftede sig op ved hjælp af armlænet på sofaen og stod lidt usikkert, men triumferende ved siden af ham.

Han tog genstanden fra hende og kiggede på den. Pigen så på ham, som om hun ikke troede sine egne øjne og begyndte så at skrige i vilden sky. Han blev hurtigt klar over, at det var en menneskeknogle, han sad med: Et ti centimeter langt endestykke af et ribben.”

Hvis du kan genkende citatet, eller hvis du tror du kan gætte hvem forfatteren er, så læg venligst en kommentar. Skriv bare et hint til nye besøgende, lad være med at ødelægge fornøjelsen for andre.

15 kommentarer:

farmlanebooks sagde ...

I'm sure I recognise this, but don't think I've read the book.

Has it been made into a film?

Euro Crime sagde ...

I listened to the audio book of this one a few weeks ago.

Dorte H sagde ...

Jackie, as far as I know this one has not been made into a film yet, but the one before it has.

Karen: Don´t you think some of your friends will think it is a very thin clue that this book is one of the many you know :D

Anonym sagde ...

Ha, ha, Dorte (your response to Karen)! I think I know this one, but I'm usually wrong. I think it is part of an award-winning series by someone from an island country. The author's latest book will be published in England later this year. A lot of Euro Crime reviewers are looking forward to it.

Dorte H sagde ...

Maxine, unless I am wrong, you are perfectly right :D

Kate S. sagde ...

I think I'm on the same track as everybody else. I was going to describe it as a jarring novel. But with that I might be hinting at the right author but the wrong novel.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kate, a great clue for the wrong book by the right author :D

This is getting complicated, but I am sure my clever readers will get the message.

Kerrie sagde ...

Aha! Now I know the author I think, but not sure about the book. But I have been to EuroCrime.. Swedish writer, very cold title the next one, Was this from the second in the series?

Dorte H sagde ...

Sorry, Kerrie, the author is not Swedish, but I think you have the right title in mind :D

Bernadette in Australia sagde ...

Right. I'm pretty sure I've got the author...someone from a country that also produced a well known female singer with only one name? But I don't know the book, I've only read the same wrong one that Kate has read. My head will explode shortly under the pressure of working all this out :)

Lauren sagde ...

Kate's mis-clue was very handy. I know I've read it, but I can't for the life of me remember if (in English) things are soggy or silent.

Well, they both have skeletons!

Euro Crime sagde ...

I'm not clever enough to drop a hint without saying too much :).

Dorte H sagde ...

Bernadette: oh dear, I hope not! Our world of crime wouldn´t be the same without you ;)
And you are absolutely right about the singer.

Lauren: I agree, there are some fine clues & mis-clues. In English, things are not soggy, and I don´t think this author can write a book without some really nice skeletons :D

Karen, it seems that you did help Kerrie so I am sure she liked your hint.

Kerrie sagde ...

Oh, I remember, he is from one of those islands where for some of the year the sun never sets, and for the rest it never rises!

Dorte H sagde ...

Yes, Kerrie, as I said, this one is neither from here nor there - the climate is different from ours, but probably even further from yours :)